🤖 Meet strangers in your company, explore new people.
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Slack Stranger Bot Build Status

Meet strangers in your company, explore new people. Fully anonymous and secure, bot doesn't store any data.

How it works?

  • User opens conversation with Stranger Bot.
  • Types hi.
  • Stranger Bot finds random active user who doesn't participate currently in Stranger conversation.
  • Bot will forward all next messages sent by user to Bot to the Stranger user. Without mentioning who sent this message.
  • Any user can type bye to finish the conversation, and type hi again to start a new random one.

Anonymous messages to the channel

You can send private message to the Bot started with channel name to send message to the channel.

  • Add bot to the channel.
  • Send #channel-name message to the Bot in private conversation.

Run Stranger

  • Create App in Slack and copy token
  • Install Docker
  • Build Bot docker build -t stranger .
  • Run Bot docker run stranger -e SLACK_TOKEN=<token>
  • If you don't want to build it run docker run pltvs/stranger -e SLACK_TOKEN=<token>

Run Unit Tests

make test