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Apple Device Model list

Apple devices model list.


"iPhone1,1":                                       iPhone
"iPhone1,2":                                       iPhone 3G
"iPhone2,1":                                       iPhone 3GS
"iPhone3,1", "iPhone3,2", "iPhone3,3":             iPhone 4
"iPhone4,1", "iPhone4,2", "iPhone4,3":             iPhone 4S
"iPhone5,1", "iPhone5,2":                          iPhone 5
"iPhone5,3", "iPhone5,4":                          iPhone 5C
"iPhone6,1", "iPhone6,2":                          iPhone 5S
"iPhone7,2":                                       iPhone 6
"iPhone7,1":                                       iPhone 6 Plus
"iPhone8,1":                                       iPhone 6S
"iPhone8,2":                                       iPhone 6S Plus
"iPhone8,4":                                       iPhone SE
"iPhone9,1", "iPhone9,3":                          iPhone 7
"iPhone9,2", "iPhone9,4":                          iPhone 7 Plus
"iPhone10,1", "iPhone10,4":                        iPhone 8
"iPhone10,2", "iPhone10,5":                        iPhone 8 Plus
"iPhone10,3", "iPhone10,6":                        iPhone X
"iPhone11,2":                                      iPhone Xs
"iPhone11,4", "iPhone11,6":                        iPhone Xs Max
"iPhone11,8":                                      iPhone Xʀ


"iPad1,1":                                         iPad
"iPad2,1", "iPad2,2", "iPad2,3", "iPad2,4":        iPad 2
"iPad3,1", "iPad3,2", "iPad3,3":                   iPad 3
"iPad3,4", "iPad3,5", "iPad3,6":                   iPad 4
"iPad6,11", "iPad6,12":                            iPad 5
"iPad7,5", "iPad7,6":                              iPad 6
"iPad4,1", "iPad4,2", "iPad4,3":                   iPad Air
"iPad5,3", "iPad5,4":                              iPad Air 2
"iPad2,5", "iPad2,6", "iPad2,7":                   iPad Mini
"iPad4,4", "iPad4,5", "iPad4,6":                   iPad Mini 2
"iPad4,7", "iPad4,8", "iPad4,9":                   iPad Mini 3
"iPad5,1", "iPad5,2":                              iPad Mini 4
"iPad6,3", "iPad6,4":                              iPad Pro 9.7-inch
"iPad7,3", "iPad7,4":                              iPad Pro 10.5-inch
"iPad8,1", "iPad8,2", "iPad8,3", "iPad8,4":        iPad Pro 11-inch
"iPad6,7", "iPad6,8":                              iPad Pro 12.9-inch
"iPad7,1", "iPad7,2":                              iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2
"iPad8,5", "iPad8,6", "iPad8,7", "iPad8,8":        iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3


"iPod1,1":                                         iPod Touch
"iPod2,1":                                         iPod Touch 2
"iPod3,1":                                         iPod Touch 3
"iPod4,1":                                         iPod Touch 4
"iPod5,1":                                         iPod Touch 5
"iPod7,1":                                         iPod Touch 6

Apple TV

"AppleTV2,1":                                      Apple TV 2
"AppleTV3,1", "AppleTV3,2":                        Apple TV 3
"AppleTV5,3":                                      Apple TV 4
"AppleTV6,2":                                      Apple TV 4K

Apple Watch

"Watch1,1", "Watch1,2":                            Apple Watch
"Watch2,6", "Watch2,7":                            Apple Watch Series 1
"Watch2,3", "Watch2,4":                            Apple Watch Series 2
"Watch3,1", "Watch3,2", "Watch3,3", "Watch3,4":    Apple Watch Series 3
"Watch4,1", "Watch4,2", "Watch4,3", "Watch4,4":    Apple Watch Series 4


"AudioAccessory1,1":                                HomePod


"i386", "x86_64":                                  Simulator



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