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So this is my second Rails project. I am building a new site for a local Elizabeth plumber in NJ and I hope that I will be able to build a special site utilizing Ruby on Rails.

So far, my experience with the programming language as my experience working with plumbers that are local to me. I know most of the plumbers in Elizabeth, and that includes other in Hudson County.

So, on the tech end of this, I would usually just build a simple site in Wordpress or possibly Weebly, but in this case I have some ideas for some advanced functionality that I want to try to implement. And i want to test the ability of Rails to help index and rank in the search engines. I have been able to rank some great sites in really difficult niches but this plumber elizabeth is turning out to be a very hard phrase to work with on the ranking side.

From working with AdWords, I have learned that the most important phrase is elizabeth plumber and also plumber elizabeth new jersey.

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