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NOTE: You have reached the Kibana 3 repository. Kibana 3 is completely new version of Kibana written entirely in HTML and Javascript. You can find the Kibana 2 repository at https://github.com/rashidkpc/Kibana


The dashboard storage format has changed in Kibana 3 milestone 3. Existing dashboards are unfortunately not backward compatible. However there's some great new features:

  • Every panel support multi-query
  • Customizable query colors and labels
  • Queries, label and colors are synced across panels at all times
  • Queries can assigned explicitly to panels, they can also be pinned and unpinned.
  • New filtering functionality
  • Filters can be toggled, removed and edited
  • Drill down won't overwrite your queries, labels or colors
  • Confusing group functionality has been removed
  • Index configuration has been moved from the timepicker, to the main dashboard editor
  • The stringquery panel has been replaced with a more polished 'query' panel

More information about Kibana 3 can be found at http://three.kibana.org


Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search interface to Logstash and other timestamped data sets stored in ElasticSearch. With those in place Kibana is a snap to setup and start using (seriously). Kibana strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and powerful


  • A modern web browser. The latest version of Chrome, Safari and Firefox have all been tested to work. IE8 is not currently supported
  • A webserver. No extensions are required, as long as it can serve plain html it will work
  • A browser reachable Elasticsearch server. Port 9200 must be open, or a proxy configured to allow access to it.


  1. Copy the entire Kibana directory to your webserver
  2. Edit config.js to point to your elasticsearch server. This should not be http://localhost:9200, but rather the fully qualified domain name of your elasticsearch server. The url entered here must be reachable by your browser.
  3. Point your browser at your installation. If you're using Logstash with the default indexing configuration the default Kibana dashboard should work nicely.


Q: Why doesnt it work? I have http://localhost:9200 in my config.js, my webserver and elasticsearch server are on the same machine
A: Kibana 3 does not work like previous versions of Kibana. To ease deployment, the server side component has been eliminated. Thus the browser connects directly to Elasticsearch. The default config.js setup works for the webserver+Elasticsearch on the same machine scenario. Do not set it to http://localhost:9200 unless your browser and elasticsearch are on the same machine

Q: How do I secure this? I don't want to leave 9200 open.
A: A simple nginx virtual host and proxy configuration can be found in the sample/nginx.conf


Introduction videos can be found at http://three.kibana.org/about.html
If you have questions or comments the best place to reach me is #logstash or #elasticsearch on irc.freenode.net