A simple web-app that demonstrates a graph-based architecture using JanusGraph
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An Example GraphQL + JanusGraph Web App

This repository demonstrates how to implement a graph-based web application using JanusGraph. It is written in Kotlin and exposes a GraphQL interface. It is based on a blog post from Excuse The Disruption

The application was written using:

The project is split into 2 packages, framework and starwars. framework adds some features to the Ferma OGM, such as providing type-safe traversals. The starwars package shows how any data model could plug into the framework package and Ferma OGM with minimal effort. The framework package is not currently offered as a library due to its lack of documentation and testing.

To build and run the application locally, from the repository root:

gradlew run

Then load http://localhost:5000/graphiql.html and start playing around in GraphiQL