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A demo is publicly available at address (be careful!): using the username 'admin01' and the password 'admin01'


pip install -U pm4pyws

Then, the script "" could be launched with pre-defined log In this case, the entire content of the "files" folder of this repository shall be there.


First of all install ANGULAR:

npm install -g @angular/cli npm install -g @angular/material

PM4Py Web Services along with an Angular7(-8) web interface

To install the required NPM dependencies (also for building) enter the webapp/ folder and use the following command:

npm install

On Linux machines, also the following could be necessary:

sudo npm install --save-dev --unsafe-perm node-sass

!!!!! Remember to change the IP address used by the web interface inside pm4py-service.service.ts !!!!!!

To compile the web interface, enter the webapp/ folder and use the following command (it requires Node.JS 10, and Angular CLI):

ng build --prod

To run the web services and the web interface, use the command:


And reach the URL http://localhost:5000/index.html

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