An implementation of the Esri Shortlist map application with various custom enhancements
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Esri Shortlist Story Map Customizations

This fork of the Esri Shortlist Story Map provides the code to various customizations I have made in live deployments of the application. You can view demos for both the 2.x and 1.4.9 versions.

The Master Branch contains the customizations for version 2.7.0, while the ver-1.4.9 Branch contains the customizations for version 1.4.9 of the Shortlist StoryMap. The application underwent a major re-write at Version 2.x.

Below is a listing of the customizations I have made:

  • A toggable legend located on the map. This uses the esri request module from the JS API. It currently assumes map services as the source for legend elements.
  • Text placeholder in the header area of the app for the date the data was last updated.
  • Add the text "More Tabs" to the tab that represents more tabs
  • A map/app loading message for desktop and mobile versions of the app (v 1.4.9).

Detailed descriptions of the customizations will be added to the Wiki page in the near future.