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A web map app showing submitted subdivision and land development plans in Cumberland County, PA
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Subdivision & Land Development Plans Review App


This is an interactive web map developed for the Cumberland County Planning Commission. Its purpose is the show the location and details for subdivision and land development plans that are submitted to the Planning Department for review and comment.

The map features a widget that allows users to filter plans by the month the plan was received. There are also widgets/tools that allow users to zoom to a selected municipality (subdivision of County government), or search for a street address.

Our Planning staff update the layer feeding the map service on a file geodatabase on their shared network drive. We have a weekly scheduled task that runs a Python script to copy the dataset from their network drive to a file geodatabase on our ArcGIS Server machine.

Another workflow would be to have the layer published as a feature service (ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise), and have the people edit the layer directly through a desktop client (ArcGIS Pro).


My goal in putting this project on GitHub is to provide other government agencies a sample app, from which they can build their own solutions. This project uses the Leaflet.js library (and various plugins), a Bootstrap "theme," and Esri REST map services (including a custom tiling scheme).

As enhancements are added to the app, I'll do my best to push those changes to this repository.

Live Web App Link


Web Mapping


  • Bootstrap: generate a good looking app across browsers and devices
  • Esri Calcite Maps: Bootstrap theme for web map apps
  • jQuery: Bootstrap requires it, so I might as well use it!
  • jQuery UI: date selector for feature layer filter widget
  • Font Awesome: Various icons used for UI elements.
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