A generator for linear recurrence equations (homogenous and nonhomogenous)
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A generator for linear recurrence equations (homogenous and nonhomogenous).

Get the full scoop at http://www.pmallory.com/linear-recurrence-generator.html

Here's a Fibonacci example:

In [1]: def fib(s, n):
            return s[0]+s[1]
In [2]: g = recurrentSequence(fib, 2, [1,1])

In [3]: g.next
Out[3]: <method-wrapper 'next' of generator object at 0xe7b198>

In [4]: g.next()
Out[4]: 2

In [5]: g.next()
Out[5]: 3

In [6]: g.next()
Out[6]: 5

And an example of a nonhomogeneous equation:

In [7]: def lines(seq, n):
             return seq[0]+n

In [8]: g = recurrentSequence(lines, 1, [1])

In [9]: g.next()
Out[9]: 2

In [10]: g.next()
Out[10]: 4

In [11]: g.next()
Out[11]: 7

In [12]: g.next()
Out[12]: 11