A system for generating a static website using separate templates and content.
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StaticSite is a tool for generating static sites.

The idea is you have a directory with templates, and a directory with content.
The files in the content directory specify which template their text should be
put into. The content file can be divided up into sections like "#title" and 
"#body", which are put into the template in the corresponding spots. Sections
titled #body are special because they are processed as markdown before they get
put into the template. The output files are put in an output directory that
mirrors the content directory, excecpt they're html. This output folder can be
served to the web, or rsynced to a remote server, or browsed locally, or

StaticSite is in the early stages of development so all of that is liable to

    -Template inheritance/nested templates
    -dev mode, watch for changes in content directory and regenerate as needed