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import curses
from itertools import product, islice, cycle
import random
import time
# cycling iterator of a cell's eight neigbors
neighbors = cycle(filter(lambda x: x!=(0,0), product(range(-1,2), repeat=2)))
def iterate(board, board_size):
"""Given a board state generate the next generation and return it.
board: a set of tuples representing living cells.
board_size: The dimesnions of the world. Cells beyond this are
effectively dead.
new_board = set()
for cell in product(range(board_size[0]), range(board_size[1])):
# count cell's living neighbors
neighbor_count = 0
for neighbor in islice(neighbors, 8):
if (cell[0]+neighbor[0], cell[1]+neighbor[1]) in board:
neighbor_count += 1
# determine which cells will be alive on the next generation
if cell in board:
if 2 <= neighbor_count <= 3:
elif neighbor_count is 3:
return new_board
def main(stdscr):
# a generation is a set of living cells
current_gen = set()
# randomize the first generation
board_size = stdscr.getmaxyx()
for cell in product(range(board_size[0]), range(board_size[1])):
# 1/5 chance of cell being alive
if random.choice([True] + 4*[False]):
# make getch() non-blocking
# hide the cursor
while True:
# set the board size such that it fits within the terminal window
board_size = stdscr.getmaxyx()
# generate the next time step from the current
current_gen = iterate(current_gen, board_size)
# erase the screen
# draw the new generation of cells
for cell_coords in current_gen:
stdscr.addch(cell_coords[0], cell_coords[1], 'O')
# exit if user presses q
if stdscr.getch() == ord('q'):
# slow the animation
if __name__=='__main__':
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