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		A small background image viewer for
			Resident Evil games

0 Disclaimer

This software is just a background image viewer for some versions of the games.
Use at your own risks.

1 Libraries dependencies

- SDL for video and input (mandatory).

- SDL_image with libjpeg support (optional, mandatory for RE3 PC).

- FFmpeg for movie player (optional, for movie player).
  Win32 builds available at

- PhysicsFS 2.x for all filesystem access (mandatory).

  Note: You need to apply the patch in the diff directory to the stable 1.0
  release of PhysicsFS to have support for Resident Evil 3 PC archive files.

- Libxml2 (optional, if you want to modify XML files)
  Win32 builds available at

2 Command-line parameters

"-basedir <path>" to give the directory where the game files are.
  Default is current directory.
  Example: -basedir /demos/re2demo

"-movie" to enable movie player mode.

"-opengl" to enable OpenGL renderer.

"-aspect <x>:<y>" to force an aspect ratio if misdetected.

"-verbose <n>"  to change verbosity level.
  Default is 0.

"-logfile <filename>" to change log file.
  Default is reevengi.log

"-help" displays a little help.

"-dither" to dither background (software renderer 8bits mode only).

"-linear" to scale background with bilinear filtering (software renderer only).

"-width <w>" to set width of video mode.

"-height <h>" to set height of video mode.

"-bpp <b>" to set bits per pixel for video mode.

"-dumpscript" to dump room scripts. Verbosity must be 1 or higher. Set to 2 to
  also display corresponding byte codes.

"-fps" to dump frames per second.

"-stage <n>" to set stage.

"-room <n>" to set room.

"-camera <n>" to set camera.

3 Controls

3.1 Keyboard

ESC		quit
F1		screenshot
F2		change rendering model (wireframe, filled, gouraud, textured)
F3		change perspective correction (software renderer)
F6		toggle between depth and color buffer
F10		toggle menu on/off
Alt+Enter	toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.

Z		previous stage / previous movie
S		next stage / next movie
X		reset stage / reset movie

E		previous room
D		next room
C		reset room

R		previous camera
F		next camera
V		reset camera

T		previous model
G		next model
B		reset model

K		previous animation
L		next animation
M		toggle animation (off/forward/backward)

Y		toggle grid and origin display
H		toggle background restoration display
Tab		toggle map display.
		Camera switches and boundary checks are enabled.
		WHITE: camera, ORANGE: camera switch,
		RED: boundary, GREEN ARROW: you, BLUE: door.
J		toggle model skeleton display.
I		toggle background masks display
		(only for RE1 PC/PS1, RE2 PC demo, RE3 PC).

SPACE		refresh background, move player at current camera position
U		Enter a door (only for RE2/RE3)
Arrow keys	Move player
Pageup/down	Move player up/down (Atari: use ClrHome/Insert)

4 Supported games

Resident Evil, PS1, Demo
Resident Evil, PS1, Game
Resident Evil, PC, Game
Resident Evil 2, PS1, Demo
Resident Evil 2, PS1, Game
Resident Evil 2, PC, Demo
Resident Evil 2, PC, Game
Resident Evil 3, PS1, Game
Resident Evil 3, PC, Demo
Resident Evil 3, PC, Game

- other console versions

5 Notes/bugs

All PS1 demos and games use same image format, so it should be easy to add
support for them. I just need a list of all files on each CD (recursive directory

Missing stuff, because I don't know where the needed data is stored:
  RE2 PC full game, RE2 PS1, RE3 PS1: No masks for background image
  RE3 PS1: No model rendering

Patrice Mandin <>