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A simple "ransomware" using powershell
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Powershell "Ransomware" (Proof of Concept)

Author: Praneeth Marella

Date: April 23 2017

Updated: September 10 2017


This is a simple powershell script that can copy specified files from a computer into a folder then zip them with a random 8 character password. The files that are copied are deleted from the source. Then the script emails the password and zip folder to a specified email (I suggest using Guerrilla Email.) Now to clean up the evidence the script deletes the folder files were copied to and the zip folder.

How to use:

  • First open up the powershell script and modify it to include the necessary file paths that files need to be stolen from.

  • Then specify the email that you want to use to send the password and zip folder.

    In order to run the script on a target computer the victim needs to run the .bat file so that it can bypass powershell permissions and policies.

  • Now all you need is a target and instruct them in the email to download the .bat and .ps1 files and run the .bat on their computer.

Template e-mail:

Good Afternoon Rick,

Attached is the company expense report for this month. The file contains sensitive information so the file is encrypted. In order to read the expense report please download both the attachments. Then open and run the Expense-Report.bat file (first attachment) to unlock the Expense-Report.

This is urgent so please take a look at it as soon as possible and enter them into the system before our meeting.

Sincerely, Morty - Assistant to the Regional Manager

Note: This is intended for educational purpose/use only

Quick Demonstration Video

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