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No longer need this build process
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pmarsceill committed Nov 15, 2018
1 parent aa4ec99 commit af3e9f07c73a3c9e1897677b6d948d997398e2e9
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@@ -1,17 +1,8 @@

echo "Moving SCSS dependancies into ./assets/css... \n"
cp -rf ./node_modules/normalize.scss/ ./_sass/normalize.scss/

git add ./_sass/
git commit -m 'Just the Docs build packaging'

echo "Packaging gem... \n"
gem build just-the-docs.gemspec

echo "Cleaning up... \n"
rm -rf ./_sass/normalize.scss/
git add ./_sass/
git commit -m 'Just the Docs build packaging cleanup'
git add *.gem
git commit -m 'Bump just-the-docs gem package'

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