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What is python-messaging?

A SMS/MMS encoder/decoder written 100% in Python.


Originally written by Paul Hardwick with some bits from Dave Berkeley's
pysms. It was imported in the Wader and MobileManager projects and quickly
became clear that a joint effort would be more beneficial for everyone.

In 2010, the superb python-mms package by Francois Aucamp was merged into
python-messaging to provide a complete SMS/MMS encoder/decoder.

In 2011, as part of a license clarification, Francis Aucamp was contacted
and asked if it were possible to relicence his MMS portions as GPLv2, he
"feel free to re-license the parts of the python-mms code you are using in
your python-messaging project to GPL v2; you have my full consent."

SMS Features

 * Supports 7bit, 8bit and UCS2 encodings
 * Multipart encoding/decoding
 * Status report encoding/decoding
 * Relative validity
 * Alphanumeric address decoding
 * Supports python 2.5 up to 3.2
 * Tests

MMS Features

 * SMIL support
 * Main formats supported: jpg, gif, arm, 3gp, midi, etc.
 * Supports MMS 1.0-1.4 decoding/encoding
 * Supports python 2.5 up to 3.2
 * Tests


Pure python SMS/MMS encoder/decoder




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