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WebKit Misc Script

As part of my work as an Igalian ( I am working on WebKit. For some specific tasks I am using a few scripts. I am adding these here as time goes by. Some are better than others but expect the unexpected. Feel free to do PRs and open Issues.

Scripts (Status: Fragile)

Run LLVM scan-build on WebKit. This expects a ubuntu like environment so you might want to use on this one.

The special thing about this specific scan-build is that it uses the recent advances on SMT guided counterexample introduced by SMT-based refutation of spurious bug reports in the clang static analyzer.

Due to a bug in LLVM it also temporarily applies a workaround patch from bug 41809.

With any PC with docker support you should be able to run:

./ ubuntu:latest (Status: Fragile)

This script will trigger another script inside a docker container and save artifacts to the current directory in $PWD/artifacts/.


$ ./ ubuntu:latest ./

JetStream2-cmp/cmp.rkt (Status: Fragile)

This script will compare the outputs of two cli JetStream2 runs. Inside WebKit, you can go to PerformanceTests/JetStream2 and after build jsc, you can run:

../../WebKitBuild/Release/bin/jsc cli.js 2>&1 | tee output.log

If you build another version of jsc and run the same command line you can then compare the results with:

racket cmp.rkt VERSION1 <Path to WebKit1>/PerformanceTests/JetStream2/output.log VERSION1 <Path to WebKit2>/PerformanceTests/JetStream2/output.log 2>&1 | less


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