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Mar 13, 2012


Creating the version for pldi12 crc.
Mar 13, 2012
Mar 4, 2012


Enable to build reduce-array-dim pass
This pass reduces the dimension of an array. Each transformation iteration
reduces one dimension in the following way:
  int a[2][3][4];
  void foo(void) {... a[1][2][3] ... }
  int a[2][3 * 4];
  void foo(void) {... a[1][3 * 2 + 3] ... }
The binary operations will be computed to constant during the
transformation if possible. Array fields are not handled right now.
Also, this pass only works with ConstantArrayType and IncompleteArrayType.
Feb 28, 2012


The head of the master branch when we converted to git.
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