A test suite for geOrchestra to test the website at runtime
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geOrchestra runtime tests


  • ruby, bundler
  • chromium, chromedriver

By default, the instrumented browser will be chrome/chromium, but it is also possible to run the testsuite under firefox.


$ sudo apt-get install bundler chromedriver

Then, once in the source tree:

$ bundle install

Under debian8, the chromedriver is not available in the PATH by default, so you will have to add it to the environment variable before launching the tests:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/chromium

Launch a single test

To launch a single test (e.g. geoserver), use the following command:

$ bundle exec rspec spec/features/geoserver_spec.rb

An HTML report will then be available into the current directory under the filename rspec_result.html.

Launch the whole testsuite

The default rake task is to launch the whole scenarios, so launching the following command will play the whole testsuite:

$ bundle exec rake

The HTML report will be generated under reports/rspec_results.html.

customizing the web application being tested

Modify the file spec/spec_helper.rb, which contains the variable Capybara.app_host.

Some credentials are hardcoded, you might want to adapt the testsuite if you are targetting another application.