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UDFR Wrapper

I wanted to get an understanding of UDFR and SPARQL queries, so this code helps enable SPARQL queries on the UDFR registry. It is used by fido_prepare.


The UDFR registry requires sparql-wrapper ( and simplejson (

Install via: python easy_install sparql-wrapper This should install all the necessary dependencies.

Generate Fido Signature File

This code generates a Fido signature file from the data in the UDFR registry. It is proof-of-concept code and has not been tested for completeness or correctness (i.e. it may not have all signatures or deliver all features Fido supports). It is based on the fido code maintained by Maurice de Rooij.

Generating a signature file

To generate a conf\udfr_formats.xml file run (the http proxy is optional):

python http://username:password@proxyurl:port

The conf dir will be created in the same directory as the file.

Using the signature file

The conf directory produced by should be copied (and replace) Fido's conf directory.

Some minor changes have to be made to Fido. Comment out the following lines:

  1. line 57: self.load_container_signature(os.path.join(os.path.abspath(self.conf_dir), self.containersignature_file))
  2. line 736: defaults['format_files'].append(defaults['xml_pronomSignature'])
  3. line 737: defaults['format_files'].append(defaults['xml_fidoExtensionSignature'])

Then run Fido with the -loadformat argument:

python fido -loadformat conf\udfr_formats.xml <file_to_identify>