Simple Mac app that displays asset info in a window
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Assetter icon

Assetter is a simple Mac app that displays asset info in a window. Features include the following:

  • On first launch, Assetter prompts you for the computer’s asset tag if it has not yet been set.
  • The asset tag is stored in the computer’s NVRAM so it is not lost when the disk is replaced or re-imaged.
  • Assetter displays the following information:
  • hostname
  • model
  • serial number
  • vasset tag
  • memory
  • size and number of drives
  • ip address and hardware address of network interfaces
  • The data displayed can be exported to a text file on the desktop with the push of a button.

Note, the logo is freeware for personal, non-commercial use from this icon pack. I felt it proper to request specific permission to use it and I'm awaiting a response.