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2010-10-31 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: Hotfile - added premium account support, thanks to pietrek
* plugins: CzShare - changed config keys for profi account
2010-09-28 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: Rapidshare rewritten (Rapidshare API used)
* plugins: Depositfiles fixed, thanks to SkazochNik
2010-09-16 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: Updated/fixed
2010-08-23 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: added
2010-07-23 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: megaupload Free membership - Shorter waiting time
* something in last months
2010-02-27 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: slight manpage fixes, and some default configuration key
2010-02-25 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: updated help messages.
* plugins: whacked out update functionality, we aren't using it right now.
2010-02-13 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: added
* plugins: updated a lot of plugins to make them work again
* plugins: removed OdSiebie. Site is down
2010-02-03 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common (download): fixed a flushing issue (fixes issue 134).
* plugin (Uploading): added action case (fixes issue 132).
* plugin (CZshare): added missing reload upon known wait action.
2010-02-02 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: fixed some broken check() functionality.
2009-12-02 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common (download): skip the download when download_prepare returns 1 (ergo
skip upon redownload).
* plugins (rapidshare): experimental support for premium service.
* common: various deadlock issues fixed.
2009-11-19 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: fix for (patch by tipingus).
* semaphore: ditching old framework in favour of perl built-ins.
2009-11-07 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: finished resume handline.
* common (download): added an extra retry check when resuming has been
attempted (as some servers tend to fail upon Range requests, though
they advertise the range capability).
2009-11-06 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common (download): altered the exception handling framework to a more
advanced alternative, based on Try::Tiny.
* plugins: moved the reference blessings to an earlier place, before any
possibly die(), as that could prohibit the destructor from getting
called and mess up resource handling.
* common (download): speed calculation using a moving-average algorithm.
2009-11-05 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: altered retry framework, known loops (e.g. no slots available)
are now processed internally and forever, but controlled by shared
functionality (
2009-11-04 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* configuration + others: correct usage of contains/defines, which now allows
a flexible perl-alike syntax, emits appropriate warnings and is a lot less
error prone.
2009-10-13 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* clipboard: new code, using the Gtk2 clipboard functionality. Kudos
to Torsten Schoenfeld!
2009-10-07 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common (download): filenames are now escaped optionally.
* plugin (resources): fixed critical issue, where resource handling would get
corrupted when a plugin provided infinite resources.
* common (download): decode possibly UTF8 filenames.
* gui (thread_download): decode UTF8 output from FileChooser widget.
2009-10-06 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* hotfile (get_data): fixed captcha provider.
* plugins (storageto): added StorageTo plugin.
* plugins (update): enabled downloading new plugins, and increased verbosity
a bit.
2009-10-01 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat-gui (progress): fixed the final progress indication.
2009-09-26 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins (filefactory): updated to match new site layout.
* common (download): fixed progress indicator, which'd show
progress when a download actually failed.
2009-09-23 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins (mediafire): updated broken javascript parsing.
2009-09-23 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: added a FreakShare plugin.
2009-09-22 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* log (dump): showing callstack in log now.
* common (download): global OCR setting with dependancy
* plugins: bugfix, was using built-in function rather than
* plugin (uploading): fix by tipingus.
2009-09-15 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* configuration (get): warn upon undefined keys.
* common (download): fix wait timer.
* log (callstack): reintroduced confess-based callstack
* common (download): added code which traces the callstack
withing the inner evaluation block.
* all: avoided Configuration::get() calls on potentially
undefined values.
2009-09-13 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* log (quit): fix when progress indication was last message.
* log (output): extra omit_file flag to prevent progress
indications to stack up in the log file.
* INSTALL: updated Gentoo installation instructions.
* Common/Plugin/Slimrat: -cli threads now indicate the amount
of concurrent downloads.
* slimrat-cli: mark as error if image_viewer not installed.
2009-09-07 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugin (megaupload): fixed captcha substitution.
* config: relocated post_* config values.
2009-09-04 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: went through all once again, removing {PRIMARY}
usage in get_data to make it reusable more than once.
* configuration: support for values which Perl evaluates
* log: cleaned the documentation, and replaced argument passing
to output() routines with passing of a hash.
* plugins (hotfile): captcha pre- and postprocessing, thanks to
David Zaragoza.
2009-09-03 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common (download): introduced some "retry" code, managing
failed download and optionally retrying them.
* log (output): automatic "closing" of the progress bar.
* configuration (merge): support for merging values.
* slimrat-cli: single progress-bar for all threads.
2009-09-02 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: upon request, configurable option in case
of plugin failure (issue 69).
* plugins: removed all loop-based code, get_data now
just exists upon failure. It's up to the caller to
support some retry-on-failure stuff.
* common: adjusted some threading code, exporting a
flag when an old threads library has been found
* plugin: added some auxilary functions to avoid code
duplication within the plugins.
2009-09-01 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: updated to make them work again.
* plugins: implemented some code allowing a retry
upon failure.
* slimrat-gui: fixed captcha dialog. Still crashes
sometimes though.
* configuration: implemented path_abs, to convert paths from
a relative to an absolute setting.
2009-08-31 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common: all plugin activity now happens in eval context,
which enables plugins to use die() instead of slimrat-
specific error functionality, removes some duplicate code,
and makes slimrat invulnerable for crashes within used
packages (at the expense of a bit performance though).
* plugin: replaced resource handling by non-busy blocking
call, removing the need of slimrat & slimrat-cli to
do anything about resource handling.
2009-08-30 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: added CZshare - first plugin with PREMIUM account support
* plugins: added FileHive (thanks to Mladen Pejaković)
* plugins: fixed YouTube (thanks to oleg.smirnov)
* plugins: fixed UploadedTo (wait when Free-Traffic exceeded)
* Configuration: support for empty values
2009-08-29 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common: bugfix in weighter rate calculation.
* gui: fixed threading code.
* slimrat-cli: workaround to prevend usage of
threads::running (to support threads < v1.34).
2009-08-28 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common: work-around for treads < 1.34 (e.g. Perl v5.8).
* common: fixed content-encoding handling.
* common: implemented download resuming.
2009-08-27 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugin: update system.
2009-08-26 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* CLI: default http:// for links on cmdline without protocol
2009-08-25 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* configuration: support for multithreading, without altering
the model (contrary to proxy and queue, which now works
with a per-thread object).
2009-08-24 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common (download): multithreaded rate control, with threads
sharing unused bandwidth.
2009-08-23 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* CLI: read links list from stdin when --list is '-'
2009-08-23 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* queue (skip_*): clean support for skipping URLs globally
or locally. Needed for parallel downloads.
* slimrat-cli: support for parallel downloads.
* log (output): display thread identification.
2009-08-22 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* log: handling debug messages before any configuration
* slimrat-cli: support for loading custom configuration files.
* slimrat-gui: implemented select set of command-line options.
* log: capturing WARN and DIE signals in order to provide a
complete debug log.
* common (download): error detection without goto's.
* log (callstack): support for call trace upon errors and fatal
errors (though only in debug mode).
* common (download): weighted download speed calculation.
* common (download): rate control.
2009-08-21 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* semaphore: introduced new package to support multithreaded
* all: added quit() methods to all packages, called upon exit
of the common functionality.
* log: altered the dump functionality to support multithreading
and switched to hashes as parameters.
* proxy: fixed some deadlocks.
* semaphore: added debug quit and reentrant mutexes.
* documentation: pod conformity.
2009-08-14 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* proxy: multithreaded model.
* queue: multithreaded model.
2009-08-13 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* common: enhanced proxy managing, with configurable options,
post- and preprocessing support, and some sample code in the
Megaupload plugin.
2009-08-11 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: RomHustler added (thanks Kaleb Elwert <vahki.ttc gmail com>)
2009-08-11 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* proxy: more work on the proxy manager.
* log: dump log (verbosity 5) now includes the actual slimrat log.
2009-08-09 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: zSHARE added
2009-08-07 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* captcha: OCR support
* plugins: downloading the primary page at constructor in all plugins
* plugins: registering without __PACKAGE__
* plugins: fixed: Depositfiles, HotFile (captcha), UploadedTo
2009-08-03 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* Common: initial work on content encodings.
* Proxy: initial foundations for the proxy manager, plus some
changes to make it handle the global $mech object.
2009-08-02 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* Queue: support for serializing the queue, and loading it from a file
upon construction.
* GUI: make use of the new Queue features.
* Plugin: graceful dependency checking.
2009-07-27 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* GUI: Statusbar
* CLI: Return codes (number of failed/dead links or 255 on unexpected end)
2009-07-26 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: proposal of fetching the primary page only once at constructor
2009-07-25 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: added FileFactory plugin.
* DepositFiles: fixed issue 43, forcing English language.
2009-07-25 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* CLI: download speed and remaining time
* CLI: support for loading custom config files via command line options
2009-07-23 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* GUI: independent of CLI. Spawning a terminal not needed anymore
* captcha: support in CLI & GUI
2009-07-20 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: provides filesize in bytes
2009-07-20 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* Log (dump_*): added "extra information" parameter, and
added default value "html" to "type" parameter.
2009-07-19 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: plugin, fixed issue 39.
* slimrat: split into code.
2009-07-18 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* configuration (save): suppot for saving values back into
a configuration file.
* log (dump_*): framework to generate and save dump files,
very handy to debug issues.
* log (dump_*): finetuned the dumping process, and added
some sample dumps in all plugins.
* log: several simplifications.
2009-07-17 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* mediafire: fixed issue 44 - MediaFire plugin
2009-07-16 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugin (new): abandoned eval structure, using dynamic
binding (fixes issue 32).
* Direct: should be manually enabled now.
* configuration (init): parent object gets appropriately altered
upon initialisation of a configuration entry in a
* log: support for log and screen output, and some basic
possibilities to configure the verbosity and type of
output to both of them.
* configuration (file_read): substitute negatively connoted
values by a 0.
* plugins: cleaner plugin configuration, passed through
construction to make certain checks possible as early as
possible (e.g. if we can use the Direct plugin, issue 31).
* configuration: simplified it a bit, removing multiple values
per key and some other fancy stuff.
2009-07-15 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* configuration (file_read, section, merge): implemented
support for sections (indicated by "[\w+]"), extracting
them from the main configuration object, and merging them
back in an object with default values (see documentation).
* configuration: removed any dependancy to other custom
packages, making it usable all over the place.
* toolbox, plugins: moved dwait() to log, to remove the
* slimrat: removed wget references.
* slimrat (daemonize): stricter daemonization, disallowing
multiple instances and dying upon failure to write the state
* slimrat: moved output configuration as high up as possible,
and altered sample configuration file.
* slimrat, plugins: support for per-plugin configuration section.
2009-07-06 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* slimrat: fixed issue 36 - "download to" option
2009-07-01 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: fixed issue 35, by creating a .slimrat folder
at runtime and moving inclusions of custom packages.
* slimrat: fixed a bug preventing slimrat to kill another
2009-06-29 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: moved all colour dependant functions (check and
download summary) to the module.
* slimrat: removed the wget dependancy, using a pure-Perl
solution now (LWP-based downloader). The plugin model has
also altered a lot, with the possibility to support
several protocols and enhanced requests.
* plugins: ported to the new plugin framework, implementing
additional get_filename and get_size methods where
2009-06-27 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: initial switch to LWP, only porting the Direct
plugin for now.
2009-06-19 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat-gui: refactored the code, and ported some parts
to the configuration handler.
* slimrat: added documentation, and used Pod::Usage to
generate a --help and --man dialog based on that
* log (usage): added a new reporting function which
indicates invalid usage.
2009-06-18 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* configuration: removed the revert() functionality, but
added support for a key with multiple values.
2009-06-17 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: implemented the use of the brand new configuration
* configuration (file_read): implemented configuration
file parsing, with support for mutable as well as
immutable entries.
* configuration: fixed some bugs with the struct handling,
and made use of the configuration handler on some places
in the main slimrat executable.
2009-06-16 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: added UploadedTo.
2009-06-16 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* Toolbox (dwait): fixed reference to ptime().
* slimrat: added function prototypes, and enhanced the command-
line options handline.
* slimrat: enhanced backgrounding support, through a state file
to save the PID of the daemon in, and a killswitch to kill a
single running instance.
* Config: added the initial functions for a class which will ease
the handling of configurations, originating from different sources
across the system.
2009-06-09 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: use a hash in combinaton with GetOptions instead
of several global variables.
* queue: added POD documentation.
* log: added POD documentation, and replaced some more raw prints
with routines from log package.
2009-06-04 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* log: added controllable verbosity level, through --verbose
and --quiet parameters.
* queue: converted the datastructure so it properly
supports a get() call to get the current URL, and
an advance() call to proceed to the next URL (which
possibly reads from a file, skipping commented out or
already processed links). Fixes issue 30.
This makes a $status=0 (from the check() function each
plugin should implement) value relevant: it indicates
a temporary failure, so the link doesn't get commented
out but ignored so it can get retried upon a new session.
* ChangeLog: added a requested changelog with most prominent
changes. To be kept up to date from now on.
2009-05-20 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* log: introduced a helper library to ease logging. It
provides several functions (debug, info, warning, error,
fatal) to differentiate the message. The message is
coloured depending to the message level, but verbosity
settings have yet to be implemented.
* plugins: added OdSiebie and HotFile plugins.
* all: relicensed to MIT-license.
2009-05-19 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* plugins: added EasyShare plugin.
2009-05-18 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: added FastShare, ShareBase and DepositFiles plugins.
2009-05-17 Přemek Vyhnal <premysl.vyhnal gmail com>
* plugins: added plugin.
* slimrat: added custom commands to execute pre-download, and
upon failure or completion.
2009-05-17 Tim Besard <tim-dot-besard-at-gmail-dot-com>
* slimrat: added backgrounding capabilities.
* plugins/Rapidshare: added interval-check.
* slimrat: support for comments in the link file.
* slimrat: downloaded links get comments out upon completion.