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- add links to running instance
slimrat --add --list list.txt http://link/1 http://link/2
- GUI: notifications Gtk2::Notify?
* cli
* gui
* web
* ncurses
* jabber
- Statusbar: does not seem to be threadsafe.
Testcase: check group of links, then check a single one.
threads->create call blocks when statusbar enabled (really...)
- Download speed indication in GUI (blocker: statusbar)
- Rework the filename fetching, as some download provides doesn't display
the actual filename in the statuspage, but only upon final request.
How to handle resuming then?
- UTF-8 compatibility
- Make plugin path configurable, support a substitution for $RealBin (~ ->
home, x -> $RealBin)
or eventual, instead of plugins, folder with all slimrat data (,, etc)
* 1.1
- Unicode character fix
- captcha read: tesserat: convert fails sometimes, gif header corrupt (megaupload)
- GUI can't be closed when a thread is active
- LottaNZB style progress indication
- Proxy removal upon error?
- Improve resuming, JDownloader seems capable to resume all download
providers (Megaupload, Rapidshare, ...)