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from __future__ import absolute_import
import logging
import poplib
import re
from email.parser import Parser
from django.conf import settings
import celery
from scrum.models import BZProduct
from scrum.utils import get_setting_or_env
import newrelic.agent
except ImportError:
newrelic = False
redis_client = None
if getattr(settings, 'BROKER_URL', '').startswith('redis:'):
redis_client = celery.current_app.backend.client
BUGMAIL_HOST = get_setting_or_env('BUGMAIL_HOST')
BUGMAIL_USER = get_setting_or_env('BUGMAIL_USER')
BUGMAIL_PASS = get_setting_or_env('BUGMAIL_PASS')
BUG_ID_RE = re.compile(r'\[Bug (\d+)\]')
BUG_SUMMARY_RE = re.compile(r'[^\]]+\](?: New:)? (.+)$')
# 'admin' also comes through but is for account creation.
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def get_messages(delete=True, max_get=50):
Return a list of `email.message.Message` objects from the POP3 server.
:return: list
messages = []
conn = poplib.POP3_SSL(BUGMAIL_HOST)
num_messages = len(conn.list()[1])
num_get = min(num_messages, max_get)
log.debug('Getting %d bugmails', num_get)
if redis_client:
redis_client.incr('STATS:BUGMAILS:TOTAL', num_get)
if newrelic:
newrelic.agent.record_custom_metric('Custom/AllEmail', num_get)
for msgid in range(1, num_get + 1):
msg_str = '\n'.join(conn.retr(msgid)[1])
msg = Parser().parsestr(msg_str)
if is_bugmail(msg):
if is_interesting(msg):
if delete:
if messages:
num_msgs = len(messages)
if redis_client:
redis_client.incr('STATS:BUGMAILS:USED', num_msgs)
log.debug('Found %d interesting bugmails', num_msgs)
return messages
def is_interesting(msg):
Return true if the bug is of a product and component about which we care.
:param msg: email.message.Message object
:return: bool
all_products = BZProduct.objects.full_list()
prod = msg['x-bugzilla-product']
comp = msg['x-bugzilla-component']
log.debug('Bugmail found with product=%s and component=%s', prod, comp)
if prod in all_products:
if all_products[prod] and comp not in all_products[prod]:
return False
return True
return False
def is_bugmail(msg):
Return true if the Message is from Bugzilla.
:param msg: email.message.Message object
:return: bool
return msg.get('x-bugzilla-type', None) in BUGZILLA_TYPES
def get_bug_id(msg):
Return the id of the bug the message is about.
:param msg: email.message.Message object
:return: int
if 'x-bugzilla-id' in msg:
return int(msg['x-bugzilla-id'])
m =['subject'])
if m:
return int(
return None
def get_bugmails(delete=True):
Return a dict of parsed email messages keyed on bug id.
:param delete: delete the email after fetching
:return: dict
bugmails = {}
for msg in get_messages(delete=delete):
bid = get_bug_id(msg)
if bid:
bugmails[bid] = msg
return bugmails
def extract_bug_info(msg):
Extract the useful info from the bugmail message and return it.
:param msg: message
:return: dict
info = {}
m = BUG_SUMMARY_RE.match(msg['subject'])
if m:
info['summary'] =
log.warning('Subject did not match: %s', msg['subject'])
val = msg.get('x-bugzilla-' + h)
if val:
info[h.replace('-', '_')] = val
return info
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