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Accounts You'll Need

Most of the Mozilla web development process takes place between Bugzilla, IRC, and GitHub. There are some other accounts you might need too. Here's everything you should request when you start at Mozilla:

List of All Accounts (and How to Get Them)

Use the links to each app to get to their signup form.

  • Bugzilla — use your email to get 1337 access, and put your IRC nick or whatever you go by in your Bugzilla username for easier searching (example: Matthew Riley MacPherson [:tofumatt]).

    See :ref:`bugzilla-chapter` for more details.

  • GitHub — a free account is all that's required to develop on Mozilla web apps/sites.

    Ping jbalogh, jsocol, or your manager on IRC to get added to the right groups.

    See :ref:`git-chapter` for more details.

  • IRC — check out the wiki to learn about Mozilla IRC. You should register your main nickname on IRC so it doesn't get stolen and so you can access any channels that require you to IDENTIFY.

    See :ref:`irc-chapter` for more details.

  • Mercurial and svn — Sometimes things aren't in GitHub and you need to use hg or svn. Locale files in particular are stored in Subversion for various reasons. Check out Becoming a contributor and be sure to ask for "Level 2 Mercurial Access".

  • VPN — You'll have access to Mozilla-MV (office network) by default, though it does require some setup. Access to Mozilla-MPT is by request only however, and you'll need it.

    See :ref:`vpn-info` for more details.

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