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.. index:: bugzilla


Almost all webdev tasks take place in Bugzilla. See :ref:`bug-life`.

The Hacks

In order to receive email notifications for specific components you must follow the appropriate QA contacts.

In order to let easily autocomplete usernames enter your name as:

My Name [:username]

This allows people to simply type :username in Assignment and CC fields and be assured they get you.

.. index:: IT;requests

IT Requests

IT requests are a special type of bug that the IT team can follow up. You can file a request for Website pushes as well as Desktop support.


Searches in Bugzilla can be saved. You can also share searches with others and you can keep other people's shared searches in your Bugzilla view.

Making life better

Bugzilla is a wild beast that cannot be tamed. There are a few things that can make life easier:

You can forward some or all of your email to gmail and make use of a rich set of filters.