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Data storage and retrieval

Most sites have fairly simple data-layers. The notable exception is Socorro.

Typically we use some form of mysql with master-slave replication.

For search either Sphinx or Elastic Search are used.

For cache memcache and redis.

Socorro uses postgres and HBase.

Production Data

Sometimes having production-like data is necessary for debugging. Private data relating to users must remain on the Mozilla network. Therefore, there are two options for getting Production or production-like MySQL data.

Anonymous Data

In ~ddash/anonymize On cm-webdev01-master01 on the Mozilla/MPT VPN are anonymized dumps of production data for:

  • AMO
  • FlightDeck
  • SUMO

While the datasets are anonymous, they are not for general distribution.

Input Data

.. highlight:: bash

You can get a copy of the Firefox Input database by using the following script:

set -e
FILE=input_mozilla_com.`date +%Y.%m.%d`.sql.gz

scp $USERNAME@cm-webdev01-master01:~ddash/input_mozilla_com/$FILE .
zgrep -v "INSERT INTO \`feedback_term\`" $FILE > tmp.sql
cat tmp.sql |mysql -u root $LOCAL_DB
rm tmp.sql $FILE

Be sure to replace username with your actual LDAP username.

Webdev Database Cluster

Alternately, many production databases have copies running on cm-webdev01-master01 and cm-webdev01-slave01. You can connect directly to these servers.