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We have a number of servers that you'll regularly encounter as a web dev.

khan is a development server. If you choose not to develop locally, this option is available.

* all our staging servers share this domain.

cm-webdev01-master01 is the webdev mysql server. See :ref:`db-cluster`.

cm-vpn01 is where our server logs are copied. Note that you need to file a bug to get access to this server.

Served Environments

There are two or three main environments for our web sites:

  • dev (currently "stage" or "preview") which serves the latest master.
  • stage
    • Currently amo-next and crash-stats.stage are our only "stage" environments.
    • This is what will go live to production.
  • production


To get to any Mozilla servers you will need VPN access. There are two VPN networks: Mozilla-MV (Mountain View office VPN) and Mozilla-MPT (for access to khan, staging servers, etc.).

If you want to use Mozilla's shared network volumes (like fs2) you can connect to the Mozilla-MV VPN.

If you need to access khan, database servers, or the cm-vpn01 server, connect to Mozilla MPT. You'll need to file a ticket for access to MPT. If you're a web dev for Mozilla, you need this.

We recommend Viscosity for VPN.