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This BlueJ extension was developed under Linux for both BlueJ for Linux and BlueJ for Windows use.

You can get BlueJ from



In BlueJ, open to the main class window that displays your classes, right-click on a class object, when the menu comes up, at the bottom of it you will see PMD as an option, select that and click "check code". A popup will then run PMD against your class source file and then display a popup listing all of the things PMD does not like about your code.


The prior version of this extension from 2001 included PMD, so to use it PMD did not have to be installed. This version of this extension does not include PMD so you must install PMD under your operating system of choice.

First step is to install PMD. You can install PMD from a prebuilt file or download it and build it yourself. Remember the path under where you have extracted the zip file, e.g. under Linux you could install it under ~/pmd-bin-5.3.2/. Under Windows it is usually most convenient to install PMD in the root so as to avoid spaces in directory names, (ie: Program Files) or PMD might not execute properly; the installation path could be c:\pmd-bin-5.3.2\.

Second step is to install the PMD Extension for BlueJ. This extension works both under Linux and Windows and there is only one jar file (since version 2.1).

To install under Linux, assuming you have installed BlueJ in your home directory (the standard location for version 3.1.5 of BlueJ for Linux) copy the PMDExecExt.jar file to ~/bluej/lib/extensions directory, then close and open BlueJ.

To install under Windows, assuming you have installed BlueJ into the normal location, copy the PMDExecExt.jar file to C:\Program Files\BlueJ\lib\extensions.

The third and last step is, to configure the BlueJ extension. In BlueJ, go to "Tools / Preferences / Extensions". Select or enter the "Path to PMD installation" that you have remembered from step one above. You can also fine-tune the "PMD Options"; by default, the rulesets "java-basic" and "java-design" are executed.

Please see the PMD documentation for the rulesets available.


Pull requests

Easiest way to contribute is via pull requests on Pull Requests are always welcome.


You need to have maven installed.

./mvnw clean verify

Take the generated jar file target/PMDExecExt.jar and copy it into BlueJ's extension directory.

Releasing a new version