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Giter8 template to setup a full-stack Scala project that uses scala-adapters.
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A Giter8 template for a full-stack Scala project that uses scala-adapters!

See here for more information:

Get started


Create Project

Go to a directory of your choice and type:

sbt new pme123/scala-adapters.g8

This will guide you through the creation process.

$ sbt new pme123/scala-adapters.g8
name [My Something Project]: Get Started
project_description [Say something about this project.]: A project to show the get started process!
scala_version [2.12.4]: 
play_version [2.6.6]: 
sbt_version [1.1.1]: 
github_id [pme123]: 
github_name [get-started]: 
developer_url []: 
project_url []: 

Template applied in ./get-started

$ cd get-started
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