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#Streaming Optimizations

Combined set of streaming workers to optimize performance. Currently a combined set of:

  • Fast Google Fonts - Inlines the browser-specific font CSS and re-hosts the font files through the page origin (saving round trips). Blog post with more details here.
  • Third-party Scripts - Cache-extends and rehosts static third-party scripts from well-known providers (things like Ajax library CDN's, static analytics code, A/B testing code, etc).
  • Edge-Cache HTML - Caches dynamic HTML on the edge when combined with a CMS that supports it (plugin for wordpress is available). Blog post with more details here

Caution, this has not been tested extensively in a production environment so there may still be some edge cases that are not handled.

Individual optimizations can be turned on or off by changing the boolean variables for each one at the top of the script.

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