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A simulation of gears using actors and scala-swing in Scala 2.8 Final
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A gear simulation in Scala


A simulation of gears using actors and scala-swing with Scala To get familiar with the scala actors I wrote a small simulation:

  • The ActorApplication creates 40 gears with random speed.
  • The controller calculates a synchronization speed and starts the gear-actors.
  • The gears synchronize to this given speed step by step (1+ or 1-).
  • The simulation is finished when all gears have reached the synchronization speed.
  • It's possible to manipulate the working gears with a sabotage-function.

Interesting side effects

The simulation runs well on Java JRE 1.5: all gears are working simultaneously. If you change to Java JRE 1.6 only 2-3 gears are working simultaneously instead of 40. see


Easy start in IDEA IntelliJ

If you want use IDEA IntelliJ just open the project and switch the run configuration

Debug configuration for IDEA IntelliJ

  1. Create new Run-Configuration (select Application)
  2. Use ch.clx.geargui.GearGUI as mainclass
  3. disable "make" before launch
  4. enable "maven goal" before launch: compile
  5. Use debug-button in IDEA

Easy start with maven

  1. Open the setEnv.cmd in the project directory in an editor. Change this line: set JAVA_HOME=
    (JAVA_HOME should point to JDK 1.5 or JDK 1.6)
  2. Open a command line (cmd) and change to the project directory
  3. run the following command: setEnv.cmd
  4. run the following command (The application will start): mvn
  5. for changing the JDK just edit the setEnv.cmd and start at step 2 again.

Full configuration for windows

An alternative configuration is to change the PATH environment variable:

  1. define a new variable for JDK 1.5 i.E. Variable name: JAVA_HOME_15 Variable value: C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_21
  2. define a new variable for JDK 1.6 i.E. Variable name: JAVA_HOME_16 Variable value: C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_16
  3. use the normal JAVA_HOME variable for switching i.E. Variable name: JAVA_HOME Variable value: %JAVA_HOME_15% change the value in %JAVA_HOME% to %JAVA_HOME_16% for using JDK/JRE 1.6
  4. make sure that the normal %JAVA_HOME% is in your path-var at first position. For more informations:
  5. you can now run the project with maven: mvn
    (default goal in pom.xml is set to scala:run)

Recent changes

  • Added option ResizableThreadPoolScheduler and minor enhancements and bugfixes in GearGUI.scala


  • Replace all println with a logging util
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