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Minesweeper Game

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Technologies Used

I used Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

Getting Started

Lets go to the game

The game is about finding the hidden mines. Each box you click on will either show a number of mines around each box or a mine. If there is no number it means that there is no mine around it. You can put a flag by right-clicking anywhere you think there is a mine. If you click all the boxes without clicking a mine, you will win.

In the below section of code, I used recursion to expand the boxes if there is no mine. Imgur

In the below section of code I used jQuery to animate the start button and get the values of the numbers of mines and columns. I had to change the width of my boxes for different screen sizes using jQuery, so if the user inputs a larger number of columns, it will automatically change the size of the board. Imgur

Unsolved Problems

My plan for the future is to add the ability to choose between beginner, intermediate, and advanced modes.
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