Unofficial replacement firmware, drivers, and cofiguration utility for the NexDome Personal Observatory
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PDMShutter Fix analog to volts convertion. Oct 15, 2018

Unofficial NexDome software project

Third release May 1, 2018

Lots of bugs squashed and Shutter mostly working but buttons are reported backwards even though I thought I got one pin wrong so only one button would work. Sleep is not implemented for the shutter though I found out the total power consumed for idle mode would be about 85mA. The battery is 9AH so 50% drawdawn means 4.5AH or 4500mAH. 4500/85 = 52 hours if not actually moving the shutter. Of course at that low draw the battery delivers more than 9AH so you'd actually get more like 60 hours.

Second release April 23, 2018

Now contains all three pieces of software but is in no way compatible with any official NexDome software, firmware or ASCOM driver.

First release March 18. 2018

The aim of this project is to provide three pieces of software that are required to operate a NexDome personal observatory under the ASCOM Platform and will consist of:

  • PDM Rotator written in C++ for the Arduino Leonardo
  • PDM Shutter written in C++ for the Arduino Leonardo
  • PDM Dome ASCOM driver for Rotator and Shutter in C#


Rotator and Shutter - Either Arduino IDE or Visual Studio with Visual Micro's Arduino add-on. (

PDM Dome - Visual Studio 2015+ with C#


From Source

Sorry but far too much to explain. If you don't know how to do this already then grab the binary release from the releases tab.

From Release Binary

Click on releases to find the binary downloads Releases Tab

The ASCOM driver has a basic installer (default ASCOM provided) while the Arduio files have to be copied to whereever you want them. The Arduino IDE usually creates an Arduino directory in your documents folder which is a good place.

Arduino programs must have the same name as the directory they are in so it's easiest to just copy the PDMRotator and PDMShutter directories rather than the individual files.

To upload the firmwares, connect a USB cable to the unit then double click the .ino (not the .h - those automagically load). Set your board to Leonardo and choose the correct COM port (should say Arduino Leonardo(COMx). Then hit upload and a few seconds later it'll be finished.

Still to do:

  • Implement sleep mode for the shutter radio
  • Implement auto-close on the shutter after X minutes of not hearing from the Rotator.
  • Have Shutter poll the rotator for rain sensor status (right now rotator broadcasts the rain status which may not be a good idea later when the shutter is trying to sleep.


Pat Meloy


Grozzie2 for the source code I built upon