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@szyrom szyrom released this Oct 3, 2019 · 71 commits to master since this release

This release moves persistent array/vector/string/concurrent_hash_map out from experimental namespace and directory. It means that the abovementioned containers are guaranteed to have a stable API and on-media layout. They are placed now in include/libpmemobj++/container/ directory and pmem::obj namespace.

This release introduces also a new experimental container - persistent segment vector with templated segment policies.

New features:

  • experimental persistent segment vector container

Bug fixes:

  • fixed insert method in persistent vector
  • fixed move assignment operator in persistent array

Other changes:

  • extended error messages in exceptions
  • added examples with simplekv using persistent containers
  • added modifiers methods for persistent string
  • added template locks for concurrent_hash_map
  • added layout versioning for concurrent_hash_map


  • concurrent_hash_map insert method implemented with tx
  • optimized snapshotting in persistent vector/string
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