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@stellarhopper stellarhopper released this May 11, 2019

This release incorporates functionality up to the 5.1 kernel, and adds a
number of bug fixes and improvements.

Highlights include a new command to clear errors on a given namespace, a
new travis YAML configuration to enable travis builds for Ubuntu, an
example QEMU script in contrib/ for HMAT emulation, an optional poll
interval for wait-scrub, several fixes related to the security commands,
support for the HYPER-V family of DSM commands, and several fixes to
tests, documentation, and related to building.

    clear-errors: new command to clear errors on a namespace
    monitor: remove the requirement of a default config
    sanitize-dimm: allow a zero-key for secure-erase
    sanitize-dimm: preserve keys after an overwrite
    load-keys: fix for non-TPM keys

    security: add a new testlet for load-keys
    test-core: add dax_pmem* modules
    misc: fix sys/mman.h vs linux/mman.h includes

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