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@stellarhopper stellarhopper released this Oct 28, 2019

This release incorporates functionality up to the 5.4 kernel, and adds a
number of bug fixes, and improvements.

Highlights include small changes for PowerPC compatibility, improvements
to the unit test to detect failures in mapping huge pages,
support for the 'security frozen' attribute, user experience
improvements for the daxctl-reconfigure-device command, including an
option to specify movable vs. non-movable state for onlining memory, and
an option to allow create-namespaces to create a maximal configuration
until it exhausts all available region capacity.

  create-namespace: add --continue option
  daxctl-reconfigure-device: add --no-movable option
  daxctl-reconfigure-device: display movable state in listings
  daxctl-reconfigure-device: detect races in memory onlining
  security: support for 'security frozen' attribute

Tests: add detection for huge page failures add XFS reflink dependency skip on older kernels

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