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The goal of this repository is to present clear programming examples of how to use the core libraries of the Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK) and the C++ and Java bindings of libpmemobj (core library which is part of PMDK).

Build Instructions

For compilation, a Makefile is provided. To build all samples, just type make. The following are the needed dependencies:

  • C and C++ compilers. The default C compiler is gcc, and the default C++ compiler used is g++. You can change that for individual samples by setting the CC and CXX variables in the sample's Makefile.
  • PMDK. Please, read the instructions in the PMDK repository.
  • To build and run the samples using the Java bindings, you will need Java 8 or above (including a Java compiler).

NOTE: pmem-mariadb will not be built automatically. Please, read instructions on how to build in pmem-mariadb/INSTALL-SOURCE

Build everything doing:

$ make