@marcinslusarz marcinslusarz released this Aug 16, 2018 · 948 commits to master since this release

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* Version 1.4.2

This release is a small one and fixes the way PMDK reports its version via pkg-config files.

Bug fixes:
	- common: fix reported version
	- doc: use single "-" in NAME section (pmem/issues#914)
Aug 13, 2018
PMDK Version 1.4.2-rc1

@marcinslusarz marcinslusarz released this Jun 29, 2018 · 948 commits to master since this release

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* Version 1.4.1

In 1.4 development cycle, we created new daxio utility
(command line tool for performing I/O on Device-DAX), but due
to some complications we had to disable it just before
the 1.4 release.
In 1.4.1 we finally enable it. Daxio depends on ndctl v60.1.

Bug fixes:
- pmem: fix clflush bit position
- obj: fix invalid OOMs when zones are fully packed
- obj: don't register undo logs twice in memcheck
- pool: fix bash completion script
- pool: fix incorrect errno after transform
- obj: fix clang-7 compilation
- obj: test for msync failures in non-pmem path
- doc: add missing field to alloc class entry point
- common: (win) fix timed locks
- common: provide src version in GitHub tarballs
- common: fix free function in tls
- common: fix double close
- test: allow testing installed libraries
- test: fix Valgrind vs stripped libraries issue
- test: fix dependencies between tests and tools
- test: fix races on make pcheck -jN
- test: use libvmmalloc.so.1
- test: fix incorrect number of required dax devices
- test: add suppression for leak in ld.so
- test: fail if memcheck detects overlapping chunks
- test: simplify time measurements in obj_sync
- benchmark: check lseek() return value
- examples: catch exceptions in map_cli

@krzycz krzycz released this Mar 29, 2018 · 948 commits to master since this release

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* Version 1.4
This is the first release of PMDK under a new name.
The NVML project has been renamed to PMDK (Persistent Memory
Development Kit).  This is only the project/repo name change
and it does not affect the names of the PMDK packages.
See this blog article for more details on the reasons and
impact of the name change:

New features:
- common: support for concatenated Device-DAX devices
  with 2M/1G alignment
- common: add support for MAP_SYNC flag
- common: always enable Valgrind instrumentation (#292)
- common: pool set options / headerless pools
- pmem: add support for "deep flush" operation
- rpmem: add rpmem_deep_persist
- doc: split man pages and add per-function aliases (#385)

- pmem: skip CPU cache flushing when eADR is available
  (no Windows support yet)
- pmem: add AVX512F support in pmem_memcpy/memset (#656)

Bug fixes:
- common: fix library dependencies (#767, RHBZ #1539564)
- common: use rpm-config CFLAGS/LDFLAGS when building packages
  (#768, RHBZ #1539564)
- common: do not unload librpmem on close (#776)
- common: fix NULL check in os_fopen (#813)
- common: fix missing version in .pc files
- obj: fix cancel of huge allocations (#726)
- obj: fix error handling in pmemobj_open (#750)
- obj: validate pe_offset in pmemobj_list_* APIs (#772)
- obj: fix add_range with size == 0 (#781)
- log: add check for negative iovcnt (#690)
- rpmem: limit maximum number of lanes (#609)
- rpmem: change order of memory registration (#655)
- rpmem: fix removing remote pools (#721)
- pool: fix error handling (#643)
- pool: fix sync with switched parts (#730)
- pool: fix sync with missing replica (#731)
- pool: fix detection of Device DAX size (#805)
- pool: fail pmempool_sync if there are no replicas (#816)
- benchmark: fix calculating standard deviation (#318)
- doc: clarify pmem_is_pmem behavior (#719)
- doc: clarify pmemobj_root behavior (#733)

Experimental features:
- common: port PMDK to FreeBSD
- common: add experimental support for aarch64
- obj: introduce allocation classes
- obj: introduce two-phase heap ops (reserve/publish) (#380, #415)
- obj: provide basic heap statistics (#676)
- obj: implement run-time pool extending (#382)
- cto: add close-to-open persistence library (#192)

The following features are disabled by default, until
ndctl v60.0 is available:
- daxio: add utility to perform I/O on Device-DAX
- RAS: unsafe shutdown detection/handling
Mar 14, 2018
PMDK Version 1.4, Release Candidate 4
Mar 9, 2018
PMDK Version 1.4, Release Candidate 3