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Key/Value Datastore for Persistent Memory


pmemkv is a local/embedded key-value datastore optimized for persistent memory. Rather than being tied to a single language or backing implementation, pmemkv provides different options for language bindings and storage engines. For more information, see

Latest releases can be found on the "releases" tab. Up-to-date support/maintenance status of branches/releases is available on

The C++ API of pmemkv is documented in the Doxygen documentation listed below:

There is also a small helper library pmemkv_json_config provided. See its manual for details.


Installation guide provides detailed instructions how to build and install pmemkv from sources, build rpm and deb packages and explains usage of experimental engines and pool sets.

Language Bindings

pmemkv is written in C/C++ and it is used by bindings for Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby applications.


C/C++ Examples

Examples for C and C++ can be found within this repository in examples directory.

Other Languages

Abovementioned bindings are maintained in separate GitHub repositories, but are still kept in sync with the main pmemkv distribution.

Storage Engines

pmemkv provides multiple storage engines that conform to the same common API, so every engine can be used with all language bindings and utilities. Engines are loaded by name at runtime.

Engine Name Description Experimental? Concurrent? Sorted?
blackhole Accepts everything, returns nothing No Yes No
cmap Concurrent hash map No Yes No
vsmap Volatile sorted hash map No No Yes
vcmap Volatile concurrent hash map No Yes No
csmap Concurrent map Yes Yes Yes
tree3 Persistent B+ tree Yes No No
stree Sorted persistent B+ tree Yes No Yes
caching Caching for remote Memcached or Redis server Yes No -

The production quality engines are described in the libpmemkv(7) manual and the experimental engines are described in the file.

Contributing a new engine is easy and encouraged!

Tools and Utilities

Benchmarks' scripts and other helpful utilities are available here:

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