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Python bindings for pmemkv
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Python bindings for pmemkv

This is experimental pre-release software and should not be used in production systems. APIs and file formats may change at any time without preserving backwards compatibility. All known issues and limitations are logged as GitHub issues.


  • Python 3.6 or later
    • along with python3-distutils
  • PMDK - native persistent memory libraries
  • pmemkv - native key/value library


Start by installing pmemkv on your system.

git clone
cd pmemkv-python

If pmemkv is installed in defualt directory (e.g. /usr):

sudo python3 install

or to rather install it locally (in '/home/user_name/.local/lib/python3.X/site-packages'):

python3 install --user

If pmemkv is in some other directory:

python3 build_ext --library-dirs=<path_to_pmemkv_lib_dir> --include-dirs=<path_to_pmemkv_include_dir>
python3 install --user


Python bindings includes automated unittest cases. Use following command to run test cases:

cd tests
python3 -m unittest -v


We are using /dev/shm to emulate persistent memory in example.

It can be found within this repository in examples directory. To execute the example:

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