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PMSE - Persistent Memory Storage Engine for MongoDB

What is PMSE?

Persistent Memory Storage Engine is fully compatible with NVDIMM’s alternative storage engine for MongoDB, that empower optimal usage of persistent memory. Storage engine doesn’t do any snapshots or journaling, everything is immediately stored as persistent.



Our engine is compatible with MongoDB 3.5.13, so please checkout to proper tag: git checkout r3.5.13 Be sure you have satisfied all dependencies for MongoDB and PMSE, especially PIP requirements and PMDK. First, try to compile MongoDB using this: To use PMSE module with MongoDB, in the mongo repository directory do the following:

cd ~/mongo
git checkout r3.5.13 -b r3.5.13
pip2 install -r buildscripts/requirements.txt
mkdir -p src/mongo/db/modules/
ln -sf ~/pmse src/mongo/db/modules/pmse

Then you can compile:

scons LIBPATH=path_to_pmdk_libraries --dbg=off --opt=on core

or when you have troubles with compilation:

python2 buildscripts/ LIBPATH=path_to_pmdk_libraries -j $(nproc --all) core --disable-warnings-as-errors --dbg=off --opt=on

Some operating systems have newer version of GCC so you shoud use GCC-5, for this purpose use CC and CXX flags for scons:

scons CC=gcc-5 CXX=g++-5 LIBPATH=/usr/local/lib --dbg=off --opt=on core

Typical library path for PMDK is /usr/local/lib/ or /usr/local/lib64/ and it depends on system you use. Sometimes (e.g. Fedora) you need to specify PKG_CONFIG_PATH to PMDK libraries before libpmemobj-cpp compilation.

To clean after building:

scons –c

Tips for building

To speed up build time with –j option and number of threads, behavior is the same as make. Also user can specify what need to build, typical configuration need only core features to run server and client, possible are: core, all, unittests.

Server running

The last thing you need is to replace the path to persistent memory or DAX device:

./mongod --storageEngine=pmse --dbpath=/path/to/pm_device


If you want to do some benchmarks just go to the utils folder and read file.


  • Adrian Nidzgorski
  • Jakub Schmiegel
  • Krzysztof Filipek
  • Maciej Maciejewski