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Valgrind: an enhanced version for pmem

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This is the top-level the enhanced version on Valgrind. This version has support for the new CLFLUSHOPT and CLWB instructions. It also introduces a new tool called pmemcheck which validates the correctness of stores made to persistent memory. Be aware that this is still a prototype tool.

Please see the file COPYING for information on the license.

The layout is identical to the original Valgrind. The new tool is available in:

  • pmemcheck -- the new persistent memory aware tool

All packages necessary to build this modified version of Valgrind are the same as for the original version.

Once the build system is setup, Valgrind is built using these command at the top level:

	$ ./
	$ ./configure [--prefix=/where/to/install]
	$ make

To build tests:

	$ make check

To run all regression tests:

	$ make regtest

To run pmemcheck tests only:

	$ perl tests/vg_regtest pmemcheck

To install Valgrind run (possibly as root if destination permissions require that):

	$ make install

For more information on Valgrind please refer to the original README files and the documentation which is available at:


Where $PREFIX is the path specified with --prefix to configure.

For information on how to run the new tool refer to the appropriate part of the documentation or type:

	$ valgrind --tool=pmemcheck --help

For more information on the modifications made to Valgrind contact Piotr Balcer ( or Andy Rudoff (