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3a39dd8 Updated ChangeLog and task
07dca60 Added additional exclusion to rcov process
8398238 Added rcov support to spec task
7194454 Updated CI Rake task
2472048 Clarify licensing as GPLv2 (or any later version)
4bc05e9 Added new format ChangeLog
5bc8db3 Incremented version and updated CHANGELOG
eb3a8a7 Issue #2414 - add unit test
7623e25 Fix errors when alias IP's are defined
bfe8a2a Fix 2455 - improve error handling on fact load
49470cf Fix broken solaris zone tests on EC2
9515a40 Issue #2548 netblock fact
33be9e0 Add Darwin netmask support on top of Jim's patch
9d846b4 Fix #2306 netmask and ipaddress on SunOS and BSDs
7d4a5f9 Updated Rakefile and moved Rake tasks to tasks/rake directory
5982deb Added default Rake task
0e0483a Fix bug where you'd get an 'undefined method' error if trying to access a fact's value when collection has not being yet initialized.
fe41fb8 Fix #2470 - duplicate entries in interfaces fact
be9e484 Update OS X minor version fact to cope with '10.x' values and provide test coverage
f3ad66f Update install.rb to cope with all OS X versions, not just 10.5
c02d3b6 Issue #2292 Add tests for virtual facts
6c9fec5 Added path fact
51c6e3d Issue #2314 OpenBSD sysctl
95e5fea Fix broken ci build with explicit clearing before tests
efc30e7 Change spec output to enable broken build debugging
6d71410 Fixed CI spec task
82d97e2 Fix operatingsystemrelease on Red Hat based distros
bee55c4 Consolidate operatingsystemrelease for CentOS, Fedora, oel, ovs, and RedHat
f4cb619 Updated CHANGELOG and bumped version for 1.5.6
dcdd5ce Fixes #2307 - Minor fix for zone in virtual.rb
ba44f08 Removed --no-thread and --no-chain-reply-to from rake mail_patches task
806f49f Added facter branding to format patch command
96c015c Added spec.executables to Facter gemspec in Rakefile
d97a63e Sync rpm spec file with latest from Fedora/EPEL
dad4569 Added path to Rakefile
365cb8e CHANGELOG updates
68e0b24 Fix #2278 Revert fix for 2120
b533e78 Tighten operatingsystemrelease regex on CentOS < 5
48aa135 Fix operatingsystemrelease for CentOS < 5
253fef1 Added spec files to package list
b37d683 Added install.rb to Rakefile package task
7995d05 Bumped release to 1.5.5rc2
1de8891 Bumped release to 1.5.5rc2
dad4569 Added path to Rakefile
365cb8e CHANGELOG updates
68e0b24 Fix #2278 Revert fix for 2120
b533e78 Tighten operatingsystemrelease regex on CentOS < 5
48aa135 Fix operatingsystemrelease for CentOS < 5
253fef1 Added spec files to package list
b37d683 Added install.rb to Rakefile package task
7995d05 Bumped release to 1.5.5rc2
56760d3 Facter #2120 - Solaris support for Facter[virtual]
2fb91ca Tests for #2227 - multiple interfaces on Darwin
00b192a Added SELinux tests
aecac08 Fix #2155 - architecture facts on Gentoo
831d937 Refactor #2154 - Modified patch from Benedikt Bohm to simplify openvz and vserver detection
7f3d237 Cleaned up Rakefile and removed requirement for Reductive Labs build library
a6adf59 Facter ticket 2214 - Fix facts for OVS
e101faf Fixed #2131 - Facter doesn't populate lsbmajdistrelease on OEL (also OEL/OVS and other facts)
73e6656 Facter fix #2231 typo
2518312 Fix #2236 - don't use each_line on arrays
f94abfc Fixed #1327 - Added SELinux facts
8768371 Fixed #2119 - Added support for non-global Solaris 10 zones
23a5b3d Fixed #2215 - Added support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to operatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease
e93b1e6 Added support for ArchLinux to operatingsystem fact
8e4a689 Fixes #2169 Correctly recognises dom0 and domUs
636a91d Partial fix for #2191 - Facter compatibility for Ruby 1.9
9df0583 Added COPYING in and CHANGELOG updates
516402c Fixing #1918 - facter --puppet always works
d89ea7a Fixing ifconfig warnings generated on OS X
7fa2576 Fixed #2132 - support for named interface aliases under linux
7a81945 correctly compare values - fixes #2021
1288b26 Fixed #2080 - IPAddress resolutions should be reordered
a6d6ba5 Use resultion.exec util instead of which checks
89a3aa8 Fix to stdout in resolution.rb
add6d47 Fixed #2081 - Fixed interfaces fact for vlan subinterfaces
8def362 Fixed #2063 - added kernelmajversion fact
5d94f7f Fixed #2055 - SunoS Interface error
9376e5b Fixed #2044 - virtual fact thread fix
c754949 Fix for rake task for reductive-build library
75db918 Fixed lib install permissions
ba2e470 Fixed #2040 - Facter should provide a macosx_productversion_major fact
77fa46b Fix virtual fact if xen but /proc/virtual present
9722e1f Fixed #2003 - Added is_virtual fact
7a30a6a Fixed CHANGELOG
c6c30a4 Fixed #2035 - Missing brace for OSX preflight
b6f0f99 more consistent indentation and alignment. also removal of trailing whitespace
9bc174f Further fix #2032 - close IO
6b904a0 Added EC2 facts
86b01bf Fixed #2032 - hanging on /proc/uptime on some platform
91d8cb7 Updated to version 1.5.4
a99d043 Fixed #1966 - Added physicalprocessorcount fact
94ea807 This commit refs #1555, #1898 and fixes #1761
04389db Added support for Oracle VM Server to operatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease
552f150 Added support for Oracle Enterprise Linux to operatingsystem
a932a69 Added README.rst for Facter
e52f962 Added Reductive Labs build library
0726437 Updated README
91d8cb7 Updated to version 1.5.4
a99d043 Fixed #1966 - Added physicalprocessorcount fact
94ea807 This commit refs #1555, #1898 and fixes #1761
04389db Added support for Oracle VM Server to operatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease
552f150 Added support for Oracle Enterprise Linux to operatingsystem
a932a69 Added README.rst for Facter
e52f962 Added Reductive Labs build library
0726437 Updated README
f4bc74d Fixing #1927 - failing facts don't kill Facter
063e4dc Fixed #1850 - Facter updates for Ruby 1.9
b85ab0a Fixed #1924 - Fixed lo / lo:0 local interface matching
4dcd012 Fixed generic uptime fact
d93ca69 Fixed Ubuntu operatingsystem identification
effb82f Cleaner fix for #1926
ccafc00 Fixed #1926 - IPAddr to_s issue
d9eef19 Added timezone fact
b86a1fb Updated to version 1.5.3
a73e803 Fixing the usage of the macosx util module; I somehow missed renaming it here
23289bd Fixed uptime refactor issues on non-Linux platforms
a194c91 Adding mail_patches rake task
a82f476 Renaming Facter::Macosx to Facter::Util::Macosx
1f1fa9b Fixing #1838 - profiler failures don't throw exceptions
5f202c9 Fixed #1867 - Fixed OpenSuSE detection
0bcdb71 Fixing #1854 - Adding ArchLinux support
fab9d1c Added network fact
da52e30 Fixed #1870 - Format all subnet masks as human-readable
c2de35f Added uptime facts
02c2912 Refactor - rename ipmess to interfaces
db4face Fixed autotest on win32
c149b49 Fix bug #1870 and add interface fact support for darwin systems
aa56886 Refactoring the IP support, and fixing #1846.
91e25b9 Fixing indentation everywhere
074eda9 Fixing autotest, now that vendor/ is gone
01754f6 Removing the vendor/ gems.
e6d987d Fixing #1761 - Solaris no longer uses /etc/release
a70184a Fixed #1791 - support for virtual fact on Solaris 10
99833a1 Fixed #1793 - Added more Solaris 10 facts
85b2a55 minor fix to operatingsystemversion to correctly parse /etc/release on OpenSolaris 2008.11.
8247304 Fixed errors on unrecognised option in binary
0fe4611 Added ci namespace and Rake tasks
7ddea77 Fix for #1727 - id fact should not rely on whoami on Solaris
f9a346a Sync specfile with latest from Fedora
fd07cd2 Removed EPM task
43d0aea Fixed #1697 - Typo in ipaddress.rb causes timeout under Solaris 10 SPARC
4e707c6 Fixed #1650 - OS X package creation script should be more selective about cleaning out prior versions
8a38aa5 Added Ubuntu to a variety of confines
051c843 Removed ENV path setting from virtual.rb
6393e82 Fixed #1634 - Update virtual fact to differentiate OpenVZ hardware nodes and virtual environments
de39f6c Revamp domain resolution
4d7b44c Fixed #1619 - Applying patch by seanmil, adding support for SLES.
84b83c4 Fixed #1509 - Fixed version recognition for SLES.
20650ac Fixes #1582 - Fix MAC address reporting for Linux bonding slave interfaces
a86577c Fixing the GPL/LGPL incompatibility by choosing the oldest-mentioned license (GPL).
c1d937c Fixed #1575 - CentOS fix for Facter SPEC file
1d00253 Fixed #1547 - finally killed dots in IP address facts
9c9c79a Fixed #1567 - fixed output
d4cf657 Fixed #1569 - createpackage.rb bug
a80779b Updated to version 1.5.2
0e49580 Updated to version 1.5.2
6e0a1f3 Fixes #1558 - Adjusted virtual fact to allow non-root users to execute it
4998d3b Fixes #1562 - Removed facter from PREREQS
0fac704 Fixed #1558 - Updated virtual fact for xenu and xen0
5c50bc3 Fixed #1555 - added operatingsystemrelease for Solaris
e503857 Fixed #1559 - update to dmidecode fact
518393e Fixed . dot escaping
0356b6e Updated to version 1.5.1
bff615c Updated to version 1.5.1
c2eb5ba Updated to version 1.5.1
bc35a3b Adding a rake task for creating an archive.
d24504e Added a Process.waitall thread when there's a timeout, to avoid zombies.
bd87aa0 Set the timeout for the host-based and resolv-based resolutions to 2.
e6aa39f Updating changelog for previous two commits
095eb15 Applied patch by josb to fix CentOS version detection.
422dd11 Facter fix #1422, no default timeout
ca93b81 Adding better SuSE detection for both operatingsystem and release.
b7be581 Add unit rspec tests for ticket 1425
af81fb3 Extract ifconfig output to data directory
2546c53 Add sample test and strawman solution for IP parsing code
b33d8c6 Add module level tests for Facter::IPAddress
590a3d0 Fixes #1492 - added kernelversion fact
d8b708b Fix ticket 1425 on Solaris
b91ee5e Remove duplicated code paths
df8fc8c fix terrible error with overwriting permissions
91ca4ab Fixed #1490 - Added virtual fact
ff45c86 Feature #1487: Package creation scripts for Mac OS X
9b42182 Modified the operatingsystem fact for Debian so it looks in
e1023de Feature #1478: Allow specification of --bindir --sbindir --sitelibdir --mandir --destdir in install.rb
845ae94 Feature #1475: CONFIG['bindir'] CONFIG['sbindir'] have undesirable defaults on OS X 10.5
a12608e Fixes #1467 - macaddress not set on Ubuntu
d999d95 Don't try and run lsb_release on windows
1eb94d3 Bug #1434 Don't execute which on windows
bb235e3 Use rbconfig to detect host cpu
3f180b3 Get DNSDomain from WMI to set domain
dc7363e Set macaddress on windows platform
0df872b Get kernel version via wmi
3ea1905 Use ipconfig to determine ip address
5e09ea1 Use rbconfig to detect windows as no uname binary
ded53b0 Fixed Rakefile to include additional files including tests et al
1cf98d1 Adjusted version to be in line with previous standard
ff0e90b Adding (apparently now required) author info to the gem spec
7042c46 Updated to version 1.5
e98efd3 Updated to version 1.5
d49d63c Updating the changelog for 1.5
88fe243 Fixed formatting
8c91649 Fixed #1400 - OperatingSystemRelease should now work on CentOS
927b3a1 Adding a default case for the manufacturer information.
9b464de Further fixes #1378 - updated dmidecode for NetBSD
a44d6c3 Fixes #1378 - update manufacter.rb facts to support BSD
9581190 Partial fix for #1345 - BSD interfaces with aliases now select the first address by default
2ef2041 Retaining 'timeout' as the settor, but using 'limit' as the getter.
e22b408 Changed 'timeout' option to 'limit'
145cee2 Setting the timeout for the puppetversion fact to 1.5.
40a9c1d Fixing some warnings in various classes.
0303885 Fixes #1376 - Display memory facts for AIX
2ac29ac Added processorcount and type facts to AIX
0b0892d Fixes #1334 - Forced Facter to use LANG=C
def18b5 Fixes #1357 - change ps syntax for OSX and BSD
ce7b74c Rejustifying all of the whitespace in the facts, yay.
2ee5d29 Refactoring how recursive searches are detected.
d322df9 Refactored so each fact resolution can specify a separate timeout,
9a1882e Retrieve hardwaremodel for AIX from sys0 modelname.
b574c6a Refactered ipmess.rb and util/ip.rb to support separate *BSD logic for *BSD aliased interfaces.
d9bd388 Refactor of netmask fact - fixes ticket #66
09bc48c Testing gitosis
f9961c7 Fixes for ticket #60
a12d3d8 Removing old test/unit tests.
400bab9 Adding a timeout to fact retrieval, fixing #56.
d235f26 Reverting the version.
7e84cdb Updated CHANGELOG
a5a72bd Added LSB Major Dist Release fact fixing #41
fc6d1c9 Added support for AIX fixing ticket #56
17f916f Updated Red Hat spec file for new version and files
86e0708 Incremented version number to 1.5
edbfc44 Adding a --puppet option to facter to load Puppet facts.
bb41db0 Switching to a search path registration system.
07a3d47 Moving the puppet-related loading tests to an integration test.
03258eb Retrieval of fact values now autoloads facts.
e02b0b3 Updated version. Moved most facts to seperate files.
9c91a6d Facter no longer loads all facts by default.
aaaf767 Moving the version and ruby facts to a separate file.
f1acbc0 Switching Facter to using the new loader.
bb92493 Fixing the last few occurrences of Facter::Resolution instead of Facter::Util::Resolution.
dcfc171 Fixing the test so it doesn't break other tests.
1ba2bed Moving all of the support classes to util/.
be0a803 Creating a 'loader' class to handle loading facts for the collection.
cc9e221 Adding the 'each' method back into Facter.
48b8744 Updating the executable to not use Facter.each.
5889e43 Fixing warnings and interfaces.
bfc4996 Moving Facter's container behaviour into a separate class.
e3c1fda Splitting the instance code into a Fact class.
121d291 Adding all of the tests for the Facter::Resolution class.
8971979 Reorganizing my new tests so they match the autotest discovery.
b8de4e4 Simplifying Confine a bit
c5492c2 Splitting the different classes in Facter up, and adding some tests.
4f39ec8 Adding autotest hooks
fef9b7d fixing whitespace
567549b Closes #1145 - fixed bad interface names by replacing : with _
d449472 Updated CHANGELOG
bd3b316 removing .swp file
e11edfb Switching from test/unit to rspec, and fixing a couple
1a5ba71 Fixed Solaris detection of lo0 for ticket #46
92b43e0 Added require util ip.rb file
0c4ac42 Fixed #46 - refactor ipmess.rb
a633aeb Added new files
c312df8 Further updates to split facts and move support functions
df4636a Split out facts from facter.rb and moved all support code to util
4bb9ed4 Added support for multiple interfaces, macaddress and netmask facts for Linux, *BSD, and Solaris
64f9fe9 Fixed conflict merge
2b06799 Revert "Fixed ticket #50 - added selinux facts"
ecc1f0c Added Ubuntu operatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease fact support
96cf3d6 Added Debian release version support
b3962ef Fixed ticket #50 - added selinux facts
d7d82fc Fixed ticket #48 - CentOS operatingsystemrelease fact now reporting correct value
2af364c Added Mandrake support for operatingsystem fact - closed ticket #47
85fbf8f Added index to imess.rb fixing Ticket #43.
be7c30b Fixed ticket #44
74621b5 Updated to version 1.3.8
7f1c840 Updated to version 1.3.8
4d83f6f Updating version in changelog
00ab1f3 Removing the package hosts, so packages are no longer created at all
57c76dd Updated CHANGELOG
b28ce1b Added require for rdoc/ri/ri_paths to address Puppet #753 and Facter #40
dce6245 Revert "Adjusted :kernel confine to make it more in line with others"
c5e6f60 Adjusted :kernel confine to make it more in line with others
a4698ce Updated CHANGELOG
8b08d5f Added support to return multiple interfaces and their IP addresses as facts. Existing ipaddress fact which returns IP address of first interface on node is still available. Currently Linux only. Closes #6
6113375 Added macaddress fact support for FreeBSD and OpenBSD - closes #37
8426aaf making the install script executable
f35ee22 Drastically speeding up the lsb data retrieval, and refactoring the dmidecode data so it is a bit cleaner and does not produce extraneous output or errors
20986d9 Set operatingsystemrelease to the major release on RHEL and Fedora
43b5640 Remove tabs; don't fail if dmidecode doesn't return expected information
68449a9 Adding manufacturer code, as requested by digant on the Puppet Trac site.
750a0c6 Add YAML output option to the help text.
8a67e32 Fixed problem with executing system_profiler and sw_vers on non Darwin hosts.
43933dd Fixed problem where facter referenced puppet plist utility library.
46d9bed Added a bunch of information from system_profiler -xml. In particular, sp_serial_number is interesting. Also added values from sw_vers, to get the commonly used Mac OS X version and build identifier.
86e3d8e Setting the ldapname so it is guaranteed to be a string
b582612 Applying patch from Valentin Vidic, fixing open filehandles
09261ac Updated to version 1.3.7
94ca0c3 Updated to version 1.3.7
3e12345 Adding release tag REL_1_3_7
a329b65 Using consistent naming internally; I previously had essentially random quoting and case, but it is now all lower-case symbols. It should behave the same externally.
4880c69 Applying patch from #36 by psychedelys
11cff7b Fixing Facter.flush
df57cec Fixing #33 -- we now only return the first mac address
31039dc Applying patch from Adam Jacob that makes FACTERLIB work
392d8f2 Applying patch from #35.
824f91c Fixing bug where an up interface not in active use was being selected as the canonical IP instead of using the IP attached to the interface assigned the default route.
38cd613 Sync with Fedora specfile
4cf0016 updating docs a bit
c1a02be Updated to version 1.3.6
b333df2 Updated to version 1.3.6
ce5258b Adding release tag REL_1_3_6
cc672ba disabling solaris package generation for facter
067dc2c updating changelog for 1.3.6
b013e21 Applying patch from #29.
7b665cc Fixing ssh key facts so they only include the key, not the type.
0674780 Make specfile work for FC < 5 and RHEL < 5
ea65bdd Reconciling with Fedora specfile
4dc1c37 Do not try and check the command if which is not available; fixes trac #30
c7a9e19 Updated to version 1.3.5
bae0b49 Updated to version 1.3.5
9a73c72 Updated to version 1.3.5
5192d94 Adding release tag REL_1_3_5
4339b46 Fixing #26 -- using Resolution.exec instead of executing directly, and also calling lsb_release for every fact, instead of just once at startup
82fd890 Updated to version 1.3.4
95352bc Updated to version 1.3.4
677c986 Updated to version 1.3.4
e882251 Adding release tag REL_1_3_4
ca498a2 updating changelog for 1.3.4
d75744b Adding patch from #21, adding lsb_release facts
fe0f2f2 Adding yaml support, as requested in #24
4abbce9 applying patch from #18.
7407e0c Fixing facter so it does not fail when an unknown fact is asked for
e2185ce Sorting the facts when they are all output
c96cf6a Adding fqdn fact
fc9331a Fixing #20. I just made sure that the Domain fact cchecks the hostname first, so that if the hostname is an fqdn it will set the domain from that.
07a42e6 Applying patch from #22
610fb5d Applying patch in #23.
3569253 Applying memfree patch from #17.
b9beaa8 updates
722e6f2 doc updates
e2337bd doc updates
2987d50 updates
044f19c adding docs
6f01dec adding docs
4c04592 Updated to version 1.3.3
474d65d Updated to version 1.3.3
f3333f3 Adding release tag REL_1_3_3
682b97a updating changelog for 1.3.3
747d45a Adding the ability to retrieve facts from the environment.
86fdc87 Updated to version 1.3.2
c4659bd Updated to version 1.3.2
3869edf Adding release tag REL_1_3_3
ea96381 simple packaging updaets
c2aa508 Adding thread exclusivity to memory and cpu reading
ace180f Re-adding these files, since Matt has found a solution to the hanging problem.
ba2e189 removing processor.rb in case it has the same problems as the memory file
9f14df9 Deleting this file until the hanging problems are resolved
157f68e fixing license issues
a0a33e6 fixing spec file again
31caa08 Updated to version 1.3.1
8ad0323 Updated to version 1.3.1
5e34a1f Updated to version 1.3.1
60be696 Adding release tag REL_1_3_1
73aeade adding a call to dnsdomainname before domainname
6ac796d Fixing #15. Just adding rescue blocks around the load statements.
81f451b updating for 1.3
b543152 Updated for use with latest Fedora ruby packages
15f2f44 Updated to version 1.3
15931ef Updated to version 1.3
261d909 Updated to version 1.3
539d593 fixing installer so it does not install batch files on darwin
4c1d5e0 trying to fix facterbin rubylib setting
7f2504d fixing test so that it works even if rubylib is not set
75b1835 Adding tagging frameworks back into Facter, and adding the ability to specify tags to the to_hash method so that you only receive facts tagged with specific tags
4296f1f fixing the linux processor stuff so it only gets called on linux
558d05a changing the syntax of the fact confines
9908628 Adding some documentation to the binary
a15c8f5 Adding rubysitedir fact, as requested in #13. Also, switching the output when one fact is asked for, so it only produces the single value, with no => symbol.
ee7d3ca fixing test to ignore differences in memory
5ae066b Switching "tag" to "confine", because it is a more appropriate term. I will also add "tags", but they will be used for creating fact collections.
c7cfd08 Adding patch from #11, with slight modifications.
59cea90 Adding patch from #11, with slight modifications.
f3cc5e3 Adding the ability to specify tags as hashes or arrays, as requested in #112.
01d37d9 Getting rid of the autoload method entirely; facts are now only loaded at startup.
3a0181e fixing linux memory stuff
6932a95 accepting patch in #10, although with more abstraction, and creating a module for the memory functions
165a401 Accepting the patch in #9, with some modifications.
af062c6 adding solaris pkg stuff
8794e46 Updated to version 1.2.1
77344ea Adding release tag REL_1_2_1
b208f47 fixing small bug that only occurs with gems
999929e Updated to version 1.2.0
afe3c30 Adding release tag REL_1_2_0
99b61e7 Adding final autoloading work.
97f1a5e updating changelog for 1.2.0
87bbd50 adding another test for the exe
f745454 Adding ruby, puppet, and facter version facts
6c01e04 Fixing install and tests so that there are no errors, hopefully.
22bd24b Added "architecture" fact, added the ability to autoload facts from separate files, and added the ability to retrieve fact values via a method for each fact.
fe782b9 Accepting the patch from #5
6c37a20 Removing ruby as a prereq
c78d113 Converting rakefile to the new build system
fadc8c5 Minor changes for hte Fedora Extras review
e3e4a03 fixing rake file to build and copy rpms automatically
46996fa updating changelog for 1.1.4
aab8687 Updated to version 1.1.4
571683b Adding Release tag REL_1_1_4
0b7dce7 Fixing installer to put the facter executable in /usr/bin instead of /
3c71757 Updated to version 1.1.3
d494ac2 Adding Release tag REL_1_1_3
3a230a0 adding 1.1.3 changelog
2e407d4 Identifying centos
cc4a943 updates
4579f8f Updated to version 1.1.2
9279ca8 Adding Release tag REL_1_1_2
d36885f Adding ldapname capabilities
a4309b4 Automatically update version and release in the specfile for new releases
2d84edd Fix specfile in accordance with Fedora Extras guidelines
2c0999e RPM creation now works
62c050a Working on packaging
2c99812 Updated to version 1.1.1
6fef6af Adding Release tag REL_1_1_1
35ed5f4 Fixing bug when a fact with no resolutions is asked for
a295c73 Fixing bug when a fact with no resolutions is asked for
5a0bd4a Updated to version 1.1.0
81657d1 Adding Release tag REL_1_1_0
1ed4216 Redoing how tags work.
d9c86d5 updating everything to essentially disable docs generation
64a86db Adding Release tag