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Commits on Apr 14, 2012
  1. @skaar

    cleanup: move vCenter permission listing out of component overview

    skaar authored
    Change-Id: Iad55006b71df709f113f1ba8ef77e507744781ac
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
  1. Fixing indentation on micro bosh cloud properties

    Jeffrey Peckham authored
    Change-Id: Ib09ce5febbcf9ff1427f10baab0d928115b510ad
  2. Grammar cleanup and correcting a few typos / name changes

    Jeffrey Peckham authored
    Change-Id: I26a02ac29fdd3730e29d36109a1c5d908c827c1a
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
  1. added first draft of development workflow

    Change-Id: Ic03664d7ccc9f0b7f4ef0aa2e0dc4a27d5f94ab9
  2. added section on vCenter privileges

    Change-Id: Ifdeba4bd4a20b547f876eb81fb882c58ff76a62c
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. removed wording that only makes sense to internal people

    Change-Id: I3e9bf60cf3d8ba85f18668c6a2c1f559a9ea392e
  2. Merge "fixed urls, new gerrit instructions, typos"

    Martin Englund authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  3. @mreider

    Merge "syntax changes"

    mreider authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  4. Merge "updated cloudfoundry deployment based on feedback from Nick"

    authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  5. Merge "updated IP addresses"

    authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  6. @mreider

    syntax changes

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: Ie8595d3a43150d0a117f102e1cd417e18760dc67
  7. @mreider

    fixed links

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: Ic644eeda2c104abd5b9f767263200e52fc7696b2
  8. @gabis

    fixed urls, new gerrit instructions, typos

    gabis authored
    Change-Id: Ie8945b87d104b16a856c3b59216f422ff0bf89dc
  9. updated cloudfoundry deployment based on feedback from Nick

    Change-Id: I80973086dc1e4c71d5b75f606c70de2aa4a8d87c
  10. @mreider

    added faq

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I570e229ebc1446ebb196687117b4b71039bc125b
  11. @mreider

    fix for graphic on github

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I46ad41cf6cd59ba9fdac2905828e086e0cee04f7
  12. @mreider

    google group madness

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I826ea48a394c2a453df2c379dc9a08e2772ed250
  13. @mreider

    removed latex headers for readability

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: Id49654843e1fbcfc886c90bdad3c4c45c49cf86c
  14. @mreider

    cleanup of README, license, howto

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I2238fa19a8716748e91568cdc5b1c5cf8caa455e
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. Fixing create release to add the ./update step, fails otherwise

    Jeffrey Peckham authored
    Change-Id: Ibe39193d5f63b7d89fd1b2422114e8842dc7ff64
  2. updated IP addresses

    Change-Id: I99639370fbf8089adba98e162764d560ac11eb42
  3. @mreider

    more cleaning

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I1c29536ffb4546661c337ed21ff091d1885a8ab1
  4. @mreider

    added license file

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I9e0d1a9273eee1cd32b4c58f5cefc7af044ed0ba
Commits on Apr 9, 2012
  1. @mreider

    added license to readme

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I5cb003d5ad1aecf777274b8b0d7fb5b9e3f087bc
  2. @mreider

    fixed a few grammer mistakes

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I6eb530b239082005749d87530ba91f25999177b6
  3. @mreider


    mreider authored
    Change-Id: Ib7eda4781c8391772e11746782711c75765044df
  4. @mreider

    cleanup and grammer etc.

    mreider authored
    Change-Id: I2aaa395e36c6c49ddf8b50acdd26a69cbc9f07ed
  5. Add vCenter configuration.

    Mahesh authored
    Change-Id: I9244bad8a520252a4cce97d2606563ccf761676e
  6. Minor cleanups to the micro BOSH section

    Mahesh authored
  7. @mreider

    Merge pull request #12 from jbastide/master

    mreider authored
    Some more updates to existing Installation section.
  8. @jbastide

    Manually resolving merge conflicts in BOSH installation section. Choo…

    jbastide authored
    …sing changes from vmware-ac over my own
  9. @mreider

    Merge pull request #13 from olegshaldybin/release-eng

    mreider authored
    Release engineering
  10. more whitespace cleanup

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