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Script to easily setup a chroot jail for ssh / scp / sftp with Linux

The original commit contains unmodified copy of the script from
You'll find nice explanation and usage instructions there.
More specific examples are on the net, search for "make_chroot_jail".

Second commit has changes needed for Ubuntu 12.04, and was originally published at

Finally, current version made the script non-interactive, better suitable for automated operation:

  • create user without a password
  • if the user exists and jailed then do nothing
  • if the user exists then jail her
  • do not create shell if already exists

Additional changes:

  • tested on Ubuntu 8.04 to 14.04
  • added APPS: cat more less nano
  • copied /lib/terminfo

Interested in a more recent version?

This script is quite old and may not work with recent releases of popular Linux distributions. An updated script with expanded functionality can be found at

Major improvements:

  • tested on Debian 9
  • added more friendly help
  • script became more talkative
  • Added lots of CLI options (see -h option)
  • if you use a single partition, you can use hard links instead of copy (use -l, --link options)
  • removed APPS: cat more less nano (now, you can add it by CLI option -a )
  • a second script to make chroot environment for SSH-server with configuration options


Script to easily setup a chroot jail for ssh / scp / sftp with Linux



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