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Fixing documentation for rasterise batch, to reflect fact that choice…

… (but not number) of faces may vary among batch elements
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pmh47 committed Sep 27, 2018
1 parent e9d9aa0 commit 2588e800c29314aa8942a1e6f417859e5afcc771
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@@ -55,16 +55,16 @@ def rasterise(background, vertices, vertex_colors, faces, height=None, width=Non
def rasterise_batch(background, vertices, vertex_colors, faces, height=None, width=None, channels=None, name=None):
"""Rasterises a batch of meshes with the same topology.
"""Rasterises a batch of meshes with the same numbers of vertices and faces.
This function takes batch-indexed `vertices`, `vertex_colors`, and `background`, and `faces` that is not batch-indexed
but common to all elements of the batch.
This function takes batch-indexed `vertices`, `vertex_colors`, `faces`, and `background`.
It is conceptually equivalent to:
rasterise(background_i, vertices_i, vertex_colors_i, faces)
for (background_i, vertices_i, vertex_colors_i) in zip(background, vertices, vertex_colors)
rasterise(background_i, vertices_i, vertex_colors_i, faces_i)
for (background_i, vertices_i, vertex_colors_i, faces_i)
in zip(background, vertices, vertex_colors, faces)
See `rasterise` for definitions of the parameters, noting that for `rasterise_batch`, a leading dimension should be included.

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