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IPv6: Bookinfo sample

Modify bookinfo to use IPv6 any address to run in IPv6 only environment.
Changes to to use developer's docker hub
area, so that customized version can be used.  To upstream, this should
be made configurable.
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pmichali committed Mar 6, 2018
1 parent b7302ab commit 4ea619de8383ddcd8c698be0690a02378271b0c9
@@ -23,8 +23,16 @@ if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then

echo "Building images"
IMAGES=$(docker images -f reference=istio/examples-bookinfo*:$VERSION --format "{{.Repository}}:$VERSION")
for IMAGE in $IMAGES; do docker push $IMAGE; done
sed -i "s/\(istio\/examples-bookinfo-.*\):[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]/\1:$VERSION/g" */bookinfo*.yaml
REMOTES=`echo ${IMAGES} | sed "s/istio\///g"`
echo "Tagging and pushing to repo $HUB"
for IMAGE in $IMAGES; do
remote=`echo $IMAGE | sed "s/istio\///"`
docker tag $IMAGE $HUB/$remote
docker push $HUB/$remote
echo "Modifying image location (${HUB}) in YAML files"
sed -i "s/istio\(\/examples-bookinfo-.*\):[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]/\/$GITHUB_USER\1:$VERSION/g" */bookinfo*.yaml

@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@

port = Integer(ARGV[0])

server = :BindAddress => '', :Port => port
server = :BindAddress => '::', :Port => port

trap 'INT' do server.shutdown end

@@ -254,5 +254,5 @@ def write(self, data):
sys.stderr = Writer('stderr.log')
sys.stdout = Writer('stdout.log')
print "start at port %s" % (p)'', port=p, debug=True, threaded=True)'::', port=p, debug=True, threaded=True)

@@ -140,5 +140,5 @@ function handleRequest (request, response) {
var server = http.createServer(handleRequest)

server.listen(port, function () {
console.log('Server listening on:', port)
console.log('Server listening on: http://[::]:%s', port)

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