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Php file to create an easy gallery managing Exif/IPTC/GPS (with googlemap) Datas and without database

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Facile Gallery 0.3

by Philippe Miossec 
Main Features
- gallery (GIF, JPG, PNG) with sub galleries
- Slideshow full screen
- Exif/IPTC displaying
- GPS Datas displaying (within google map)
- Multiple private galleries (with login access)
- Adapt easily the gallery to your colours
- Possibility of visitors comments (using disqus :
- Possibility of download photos zip file
Based on the work off :
- Php Photo Module (CECILL) by Jensen SIU
- PrettyPhoto (CC-Attribution) by Stephane Caron

Due to that, the licence of the php files are under the CECILL licence and the others under the CC-Attribution licence.

Installation / Documentation in the "conf_??.php" file (where ?? corresponding to your tongue).
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