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This is a simple XBlock which will allows one to tag problems with concepts. To be useful, it requires a concept server. There is one in the matching concept-tag-server repo.


   <Concept server="">

This displays:

ConceptXBlock screenshot

In the bottom left, you can search for learning objectives, and drag them into one of the top three bins. The bins are:

  • Taught: For concepts which the item introduces. For example, a video explaining the quadaratic equation would be tagged as teach the quadratic equation. Perhaps should be renamed to 'introduced'?
  • Exercised: For concepts which the problem is explicitly designed to practice. For example, "Solve 5x^2+6x=7" would exercise the quadratic equation.
  • Required: For concepts implicitly required. For example, a physics problem on the path of a rocket might have the quadratic equation as a prerequisite, but not be explictly designed to exercise it.

The edit button is a link back to the concept tag server, where we can edit concept descriptions.

The system has a few serious issues:

  1. Performance. This is trivial to fix, but the system currently makes an AJAX request per objective on the page. Bulk requests would solve this.
  2. 500 errors when e.g. a concept is not on the concept server.
  3. No test cases.
  4. Shown as a student (rather than instructor) view. This is a Studio limitation.
  5. Lack of configurability. It works on my taxonomy (taught/exercised/required), and not yours.
  6. Horrific styling. In desperate need of a cleanup.

It does have a few nice properties:

  1. Continues to develop edX-as-a-platform, rather than edX-as-a-product.
  2. Natural path (via concept wiki) to coming up with a concept taxonomy. Next steps will be to split and join objectives.
  3. Natural extension to other wise of tagging objectives (e.g. Bloom's taxonomy, etc.)


edX: An XBlock for adding concept tags. There is an associated external service in a different repo.







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