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Bathroom Server Advance

My undergraduate dorm had just two bathrooms per floor of 12 students. As you might imagine, they were both often full. People would wander the halls searching for empty bathrooms. Students installed Hall Effect sensors on the doors, so we could check which was open and closed online. This was a more advanced version of the server, which visualized a path to the nearest empty bathroom.

To get this back up and running, we'd need to repopulate bs.db, which was a database mapping IPs to dorm room numbers. And we'd need to go back to the days of CGI scripts.

Directory structure:

/bathroom contains the images and html files that go in the /bathroom directory on my web server. Might make sense to rename this on the normal server at some point, but it really doesn't matter.

/cgi-bin contains the obvious.

/src/client contains the client source. Compile with: gcc *.c

/src/data contains things needed to recreate the data files. extracts info from moira (could be better written using stella, about which I found out later). This gets all the info we MAY need, since I didn't want to hose the moira DB if we decided to add something else later. cleans it up into the format we want. bath*.tif are the raw images of a Random Hall with and without all the connections. breaks it up into the appropriate files. output-ascii.c is if you ever want to add this into the text mode version :)

Kludge zones, TODOs, etc.:

  • At the moment, the CGI script counts on the bathroom server to respond. This should not be a problem when they are both on the same machine. The way I (should have) dealt with it when running on my machine was to configure Apache to have a time limit waiting for CGI scripts (this is apparently an option somewhere), or to write better code :)

  • There's a whole bunch of white .gif and green .gifs. These could be replaced with a single 1x1 white and a single 1x1 green gif, and loaded using height and width tags. Several of the other .gifs are probably also identical. Several could be combined. Some could be replaced with   and just give a background color for the cell and height/width tags for the cell. Again, could be cleaned up. All this would speed up loading.

  • Should have a way to set a cookie to mark if you're in the wrong room. Pity that.

  • Ideally, the whole server should have a cookie to select which interface you go to by default.

  • Technology section should at some point document ports on which to interface to the server and stuff like that. Pity that.

  • I should add a [help] section that documents what all the icons mean.

  • Better graphics.

Feel free to modify anything as you see fit.


  • Piotr


Probably obsolete: A way to find the closest empty bathroom at MIT's Random Hall



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